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Lactate Sessions and Speed

I’m doing Thibaudeau’a ‘destroying fat’ program, and so far it’s going great.
One thing that does have me confused at the moment is the Lactate sessions. The recommendation was to do 3seconds on the eccentric and 1 on the concentric, but I don’t really enjoy that.

On friday I put all my reps up to 20 and just did it all as fast as I could, providing I was resisting the weight on the way down.

It was probably the toughest workout I’ve ever done. I could hardly lift my arms afterwards and when I went to do the 20-30min cardio afterwards I just sat on the bike and zombied out for 15minutes, pedaling pathetically slowly.

So my question is, am I still getting a lactate session or am I just doing cardio with weights? Am I screwing up or is it okay to do it like that? Hard as it was, I enjoy the faster workout more.


Ask yourself, how does your body feel during and after the lifts? I.E. do you “feel the burn” that is really what you are looking for during and immediately after these workouts. That burning sensation signals the fact that your body is producing larger amounts of lactic acid, and its antagonist Growth Hormone which is the point of these types of programs.

The slow to mid state cardio one performs immediately after is useful to more efficiently use the fatty acids that have been mobilized at an increased rate due to the prevalance of the lactic acid and GH in the system.