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Lactate Inducing vs. Lifting Heavy

Hey, im looking for some thoughts on this, as I keep going from one idea to the other and generally spending the whole time confused !!

I weigh about 150lbs, 34% body fat, ultimate aim is to loose fat, slim down, I like lifting so if it is possible I would rather do this all day long than run on a treadmill. I know that by increasing my muscle mass I increase my metabolism. I have been lifting medium of my max for 15 reps 2-3 sets per exercise, kind of circuits/supersets for 3 months, that went ok, recently I decided to have a go at lifting heavy and short. I know this probably sounds crazy but in a couple of weeks I feel thicker and my arms feel bigger. On someone with less body fat I guess this would be ok but because I have a layer of fat over my muscle its making me feel like I just look more fat !

Anyway, perhaps a combination of the two methods would be a good idea. Or perhaps I should be more patient! Im also not sure if I should be eating 150g protein a day, ive been having 3 shakes a day and they are making me feel very bloated.

My ideal look for myself would be like the fitness models. I am prepared to put time and effort in and have been reading so so so much lately, but still can not pin this one down !

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks so much.

By “heavy and short” I assume you mean something like a weight you can only lift for 6 reps as opposed to 15?

Lifting heavy is not meant to lose fat. Its purpose is to help you maintain muscle while dieting with a caloric deficit.

Before you worry about what type of workout to do, you must get your diet in order.

Low Reps/Heavy Weight

  1. More Myo…(sp?) Less Sarcoplasmic(sp?) muscle development. More functional muscle.
  2. More Maximal weights, more strength
  3. Less Glycogen depletion, good for diets
  4. Change of pace
  5. Less chance of form breakdown
  6. Focus on quality of the rep, rather then the quantity
  7. Harder on the CNS, possible overtraining

What brand?

Some articles allude to women needing higher volume of reps. I say try it each way and see which you like better.