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Lactate Inducing Training, Tachycardia


Hi coach,Ive been using your war-room strategies for fat loss,I feel that after I perform the circuits in the lactate inducing training ,I have like a difficulty breathing,I had mild tachycardia yesterday while today I have 80 heartbeats per minute,The difficulty breathing although milder,still is there.This isn't the first time i experience it,is it normal or should i worry?
Im 15 BTW.
thanx in advance


When was the last time you had your heart checked out?

I'm not saying that there is a problem... you could be really out of shape or actually training too hard.

But these symptoms could also indicate cardiovascular problems.


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tachycardia,not arrhythmia,and it was pretty mild.\Th thing that really bothers me is the shortness of breath and the feeling of a great tachycardia without actually being so problematic.,Maybe the reduced carbs make it more of a problem.
I think that Im sane,last time i checked i was super ok.Im training pretty hard,at least I try.And I usually have a coffee or two before training and one cola zero after(usually 2 hours after,when im out with my friends).The coffee seems to really make me go through it without dying :P/.


Have your blood pressure checked. If it is also elevated, that could be an indication of CNS burnout. Take some time off and see if that lowers your vital signs.


I did lactate training yesterday and I didn't have any problems,not even a little of tachycardia,even when performing the exercises i never had those blaCK spots in front of my eyes.It may have been smth to do with the CNS because I took two days off and everything snapped back to normal.Also the weather has cooled a bit , I guess the hot weather may have had smth to do with it.
thanx guys