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Lactase Help?

I’ve been looking into this to add to my milk. I’m not completely intolerant to milk, but I get a mild bloat/mucus production when I drink a few pints. Would adding this enzyme to my milk aid my digestion in a worthwhile way? Anynone had any experience/know anything about this?
Thanks in advance.

Yes. Iv’e tried the liquid and the pills, and found the liquid mixed with the milk works better.

Supplementing the lactase enzyme will help you digest milk, but it may not necessarily fix your problem. For many that are lactose intolerant it’s not just the lactose digestion that’s causing a problem. If you’re looking to achieve optimal health & longevity then I’d stay away from milk completely. You’re fortunate to have detected this problem as many live with an intolerance not realizing it until they develop leaky gut or another GI problem.
Despite what many (including the government) will tell you, dairy is "un"essential. I suggest eliminating dairy completely (including cheese, cream, etc) for 6 weeks and seeing how you feel. Once you experience life without a food that’s preventing you from thriving, you’ll never look back.
All the best!

Believe it or not CoachShredder I have been pondering doing this for quite a long time now. The absolutely only thing stopping me doing it is my morning shake. I’ve been having it with water recently, but the macros of milk in the morning is just unprecedented.

To have high carbs, fats and protein in a matter of 30 seconds when I don’t feel like eating in the morning is just a blessing. Is there anything you can suggest as an alternative to milk for a first liquid meal of the day?