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Lacrosse Offseason


Hey Everyone,
I've noticed there are a few lacrosse players on the boards here, and I had a few questions (for anyone to answer, not just lacrosse dudes ha ha ha). I play club for my state college, and we're pretty serious. Our season starts up in mid-February. Here is what we usually do for practice:

Warm up:jog 2 laps
run drills:more jogging/sprinting
run sprints
more drills
finish with long sprints
stretching again

In the fall when we had practice 3X/Week, I lost a good deal of strength even though I was eating above maitenence calories and working out quite hard (ABBH and TBT alternated).

My question is, are there any suggestions as to how I could minimize muscle loss doing that much running 3x/week? Could I rig it so they worked like 3 really intense interval sessions and use them for cutting?

Thanks everyone


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I played in highschool...just give it a minute and hopefully some of the guys that play club will chime in.


I had played lacrosse in college and have done a little asst. coaching for the highschool level.

For starters, understand that bodybuilding and lacrosse (and most sports) don't mix well.
With all the sprints/running that your coach is having you do you aren't going to be making big gains in the gym soo...don't be in the gym too much. Here is a few rules:
1) While in the gym do not focus on anything but multijoint lifts (don't worry, if you arm gets a cm smaller you will get it back the first month of off-season).
2) NEVER train to failure. Your body is getting plenty burnt out by the running, you should not be taxing it any further with resistance training...basicly get in there to keep the flexibilty in squats, lunges, cleans, or what ever it is you do.
3) Don't be cutting carbs for any of this either..way too much energy system work to be doing any of that..if anything cut out junk and beer.
4) Also, no high rep shit(more than say, 10 reps, but honetly you know your body, be cautious)...just think...anything that make you really sore or really tight is probebly a bad idea when you have run around all day.
I have a lot of personal beliefs on what athletes should and should not be doing in the weight room but that really depends on your goals. Let me know if this helps and if you have any more questions - Jon


I played D3 lacrosse in college. While we did some very limited distance running, we concentrated on sprints, which it seems your squad does too. While endurance is important, lacrosse is more of a series of sprints, especially if you are a middie.

I would keep hitting the weights during the season as much as you can. But keep in mind, being huge does not make a good lacrosse player. You need to be strong, quick and agile, regardless of the position you play.

Even defensemen, which I played, need to be quick. You need to get back on fast breaks and chase attackmen around for 4 quarters. Whatever your position, good luck and I hope you have a great spring.


Thanks Jon. I've been mostly off of anything other than heavy compound movements for awhile, so that isn't too big a problem. I will need to tighten up my diet because we start up practicing again after the break is over, (read stop drinking beer). I'm trying to gain as much size and strength as I can while maintaining my wind before we start.

Do you have any suggestions for programs I should look at for in season? Maybe something by Dan John?

Thanks for your help,


Yeah. I'm a middie right now because I just started playing (I'd never seen a stick before this fall). I'm trying to get a spot on our defense though, because most of our d-poles are seniors this year, and we'll need some more.
Thanks for the input, if you have any other tips let me know.


I agree with the other guys, use the offseason to get bigger and stronger then focus on the lax skills and endurance pre/during season.

I found when watching D1 or D3 college lax that the American's don't use the body that much. Up in Canada, when playing d and the ball is down the first thing we do is clear out the bodies so that we can pickup the ball. Not that I am big, but at 6'1 195 I layed a few guys out. We played one tourney in the US and off draws and loose balls we would knock the middies and attack down and they would yell that it was illegal. I guess it comes from playing hockey. Sure makes the guy think twice about going for a loose ball:)


Oh, the 5 yard rule...the greatest thing about lacrosse. Our defense played the same way. Love the contact.


coaches are going to run you, probably to much, and you are going to lose mass and even strength. its just something that happens in all sports at all levels.

just do what you can to hold on to all your strength and after the season you will be able to get everything back. remember you will only be playing lacrosse for a couple more years, be an athlete now, dont worry about losing a couple lbs.

As far as lifting goes, like many said, use multi joint movements, 2 or 3 times a week. keep the reps low and the overall volume low.

again, great to see some lax players on here.


Yeah, I try to take full advantage of the 5-yard rule too, it's just about the only thing so far that's come naturally to me :wink:

Our coach has recently decided to move practice up a few weeks, so I have about 3-4 weeks to finish bulking up before serious practice starts. I'm going to do a plan I laid out in the anabolic diet thread for anyone interested. It's basically a higher-carb version of that diet combined with the quattro dynamo program. I hope to gain a few lbs. before the season starts, but mostly increase my pain tolerance. Thanks to everyone for thier input!