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Lacrosse Is Over and Back At It


OK, lacrosse is over so im starting to lift more frequently. I know, im skinny and small and need to bulk(which i am beginning to do) so if thats all youve got to say please refrain. Suggestions would be great. Thanks.
*Will put mroe pics up once i get them on the comp.


lift heavy

eat a cow...many cows


ok cant figure outhow to get mroe pics up, help?


Keep the pics offline for now.


^^thanks.....for anyone whose interested in giving some feedback, do my pecs look symmetrical? i feel like my right is bigger and it bothers me, but noone else notives it.


yes we don't need anymore pics..we get the jist. needless to say you have a ton of work to do before you even make a dent so read like every friggin article you can on T-Nation about gaining weight and work your ass off :slight_smile:


agree with above,


your right side is more developed than your left side. arm, delt, pec.

you have slight scoliosis like me, your left shoulder is lower than your right.


scoliosis huh? that sucks. Yah im workin on gainin weight


It sounds like you already know what you need to do...bulk. Do work son.




Meat, Peanut Butter, Eggs, Whole Milk, Fruits, Vegetables, Beans, Potatoes, Rice, and Fish Oil.

Lots of it.

And Train hard. But I think most people have the biggest problem in their diet. They think they are eating enough, when in actuality they are barely eating enough to make a small puppy grow.




I hope you're eating right now.


Anabolic Diet (bulk) + OVT. Worked for me, and it will work for you, or my name isn't Captain James T. Kirk.



Eat it


Learn it, love it,... live it! lol



If you haven't done much lifting before and you just want to know the basics...


This website is awesome.

You probably sent us your best picture. So I'm guessing you've been focusing on your chest and abs.

If you want to get stronger for Lacrosse, then you should focus on the muscles that you can't see in the mirror. Your Lats, Traps, Lower Back, Glutes, Hamstrings, and Triceps are really gonna give you more go on the field.

Go eat right now. Eat a steak and egg sandwich. Then go Squat the heaviest weight you can for 3 reps. Go. Go now.


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that really isnt my best pic, i couldnt get any more up..and was politely told not to. and i do lift every body part but that was the first i put up. and Polish Rifle, thanks for the input...


Well it certainly looks like a modified MySpace picture, so you're welcome. I find it hard to believe this was the only picture you could figure out how to upload.

Regardless, I don't need to see more. You're definitelty lean, but you don't look like you lift much...

Check back in 3 years after your done concentrating on LaCrosse.


You have my permission to post more.


EAT BIG, SLEEP BIG, LIFT BIG = Get BIG I was in your position man and it sucks but all you can do is move big weight. no 10-12 rep crap as your main lifts. Freakin 6-8 or maybe even 5 x5. Thats what has taken me from 130 to 188 in 3 years... (with no money for supps)((btw im not bragging just saying that this has put mass on me, im still a skinny shit at 188 lol)