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Lacking Rear Delts

Greetings, I’ve had this recent issue in which my front delts are overpowering and capped, leaving my middle and rear delts looking like dents pushing the front delt more forward when contracting the rhomboids making my shoulders looked like they’re rounded when in actuality its just the imbalance. Any suggestions to even my shoulders out and awaken the weak middle and especially the rear delts. I’ve recently tried small db bent over face pulls as well as db bench rows and I’ve been feeling a good contraction but isn’t doing anything for shaping the middle or rear delts. Thanks for the read.

middle delts I like seated flies twice a week 6 sets of 12 reps
rear delts cable face pulls everyday I go to the gym (4-5days) 6sets 12 reps.
youtube search Seth Feroce. He has some of the best delt in the business.


Thanks man, guy does have some killer workouts to base off of and of course, great shoulders. Should i be squeezing my shoulders together while performing the seated or standing flies? Can you give me perhaps a visionary to follow such as should i be contracting the shoulder muscles and how do i know if i’m not just motioning the movements and actually hitting the delts?

Why not take time off from horizontal press/flies and prioritize overhead press? Particularly dumbbell OHP?

I like the idea of 6x12 for facepulls and lateral raises

Try the 4x35 rear delt swings and lateral raises that John meadows recommends?

I personally just grab a band and try to AMRAP towards 100 in one go

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That seems like a solid idea. I will give that a go, also thanks for the article recommendation. Yeah, face pulls have been helping my shoulders feel even on the socket joint the next day after a session. I read it a couple times and am planning to incorporate that and truly exhaust these shoulders. I almost forgot the importance of band resistance, thanks for these great ideas.

If I am working my middle delts, using a seated fly, I try not to activate my traps. So no, do not squeeze. Pick a weight that just lets you do 12 reps. First two sets can be warmups with lessor weight. Your mid delt should be burning on that 12 rep. I also wait a full 1.5 minutes between sets. I want all my strength back for each set. I’m not a fan of no rest between sets for this exersize.

@SOUL_FIGHTER I also love John Meadows, his index videos are the best and he gets some great guests on his vlogs.

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