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Lacking Left Lat


my left lat seems to be lacking quite a bit and i feel like its not cause of my training but instead because of something not letting me flex or pose it properly. when i do a double bi or a lat spread i feel like it just doesnt want to pull out. what could this be maybe a nerve being pinched? any help would be appreciated


i have the same problem. i can flex my right lat significantly harder than my left and i'm having problems bringing it up although they are almost equal in strength. i played lacrosse for 8 years and i think thats atleast part of the reason why along with being a natural righty.

i assume you're a natural righty as well?

i've recently began trying to use my left arm more in day-to-day activities which seems to help me "feel" my left side more when flexing, lifting, etc. i'm guessing its helping through the whole "mind-body connection" mechanism


Might be neuropathy of the left thoracodorsal nerve.


is it anything that a massage therapist can fix?


Possibly, it depends what is causing the problem (if there is one)because it could be a number of things including scar tissue, cervical disk disease, trauma to the nerve itself, subluxation, viral infection of the nerve root or simply a developmental anomaly. A good massage therapist would be a reasonable place to start if you don't want to go to an ortho guy or a chiro.

Last time I injured myself (parachuting)and had such a neuropathy along the distribution of the ulnar nerve(no atrophy because it was still acute) the chiropractor hooked me right up.


sweet thanks for the help...


get a chiropractic adjustment. Sometimes a slight misalignment can effect how you train it and flex it. The only hard part is finding a chiropracter that is good with people who are not old and decrepit.


how much do adjustments cost?