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Lacking In The Legs....


Think doing a set of squats(or other leg exercises) at the beginning of each training session will accelerate leg growth?


Start a leg specialization program, like the "pillars of strength" by Thib, this will get those wheels some rubber.


Or take up speed skating...

Any way high reps for Quads like 15-30 and

lower reps for hams like 6-8

Full range of motion for calfs (all the way down and all the way up on your toes) High reps 10-20



It can't hurt. To what level of fatigue will you go?


Of course it will. Work hard, do more work every session and you will have to add muscle as you get stronger.


Working legs really blows. It is brutally exhausting and painful. Face that right up front. Meaningful leg work separates the men from the boys. My point is that just working your legs properly will make them grow. No special tricks required, but this is one area where a lot of people just won't do it.


You might end up compromising your other lifts by tiring yourself out from leg lifts

Do it.

10X3 or 4X6 front squats every session from the start.


I gotta disagree here. Squatting makes me happy. "biceptz curlz" are boring. Its that intense feeling you get from really straining on the big lifts that keeps me coming. I'm very impressed by people who don't enjoy the struggle, but still find motivation to lift.
I think about squatting while I lay in bed at night, its almost to the point of an unhealthy obsession.

  1. prioritize. train the muscle group you want to have the most gains @ the begining of your w/o. and week.

  2. all else fails. try ian kings limping series'


Breathing Squats 3x a week


This is a pretty expensive option. You can outgrow your closet in 6 weeks. Don't forget to do pullovers!


What he said! Join me in my 20 rep squat cycle. You will notice a difference!

Start out with a weight you can get ten reps with comfortably. Notice I said comfortably, now do 20 with that weight without racking the weight, as long as it takes you just complete 20. The next workout you do it add 10 lbs. etc etc.


Squatting makes me happy too as do other things that aren't necessarily a blast while actually doing them.


I feel like I'm Irish Muscle with those medium shirts he wears that are wayyyt to small for his arms. I did the breathing squats 3x a week. I was manorexic in January, and currently I'm 175 lbs, dieted down from 190 last month. I'm 5'7 btw.


where did you start? What bodyweight?


Try doing a 10rep max (after a warm up) at the start of every non leg work out, the weight goes up = you are getting bigger.
Good luck


I started 140-150 range, went manorexic in January at a skinny ass 126 lbs. Bulked up to 150 lbs, dieted down to 147 lbs lolz, and then bulked up to 190 lbs, then to 175 lbs, that's what's up with them this year.


Try 1-2 sets all-out of 20 rep breathing squats. Do not compromise depth, squat as deeply as you can without orthopedic pain, don't worry about the ego. Follow these up with stiff-legged deadlifts on a slightly elevated surface for ~10-12 rep sets.

IF you give 100%, I can guarantee that you won't want to do it more than twice in a week. Forget doing legs every workout, if you can do any bodypart every workout, how hard do you think you've worked it?

Diet will be just as or more important than the program itself. You must have a surplus of quality calories to grow. I know, as I have avg genetics and years of squatting helped me add 50 SOLID pounds of bodyweight over the course of 8-10 yrs, with a 405x23 A2G squat and 640 max squat below parallel at 215# bwt. Good luck, can't say it'll be fun though!


It never ceases to NOT amaze me how guys sporting real experience and progress usually seem to have the simplest and soundest advice.


No, Squat plus hamstings every 3 to 5 days (depending on your recovery abilites)low reps with heavy weight & finish with 2 or 3 high rep finisher sets.

Basically, as others have said, specialise!