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Lack of Weights


Okay this is my first post, and im a newb. So sorry for my intial ignorance. Im 17, 6'3" and between 160-170 lbs right now. I got a weight bench for christmas, so ive been working out since January. Im currently doing a total body workout 3 days a week, with abs/calves on the days in between. My biggest issue right now is ive gotten bigger and stronger since my i first started, and all i have is a Weider bench, a light barbell, and about 130 lbs of weights.

So i cant do heavy squats or deadlifts, so my legs workouts are now nearly intense anymore I need a) a way to add more resistance or b) get suggestions for where to get a cheap used home gym, with like a squat rack, bench, pull-up bar,ect. with lots of weight and or a heavy dumbell set that goes up to at leat 100lbs. oh and just to let you know, im obviosly trying to gain size and strength right now, ad get an athletic, lean build.


What exactly does your workout on each day look like now (exercises sets, and reps)?

What plates do you have? How many 5s, 10s, 45s, etc?

Can you front squat and back squat 130 for 8-10 reps? Can you deadlift, sumo deadlift, and Romanian deadlift 130 for 8-10 reps? Can you lunge, reverse lunge, and step-up with 130 pounds for 8-10 reps?

If you answered "no" to one or more of those, then you don't exactly need more weight for an intense leg workout.

Is "just buy it" too obvious a suggestion? You don't need to get a ton of weight right away, depending on your current strength levels (as I mentioned above). Take a look at your local sporting goods store (Wal-Mart, Target, Dick's, Sports Authority, Modell's, whatever's nearby) to get an idea of the price of a pair of 25-pound plates.

You can also use a slightly slower tempo (raise and lower the weight to a strict 2 or 3 count), which makes each rep more difficult. It's not ideal, but it helps to squeeze more workout from less resistance.

Every time you go on the Internet, check your local Craigslist.
It's not uncommon for people to get rid of their old equipment, but in my experience, it goes fast (which is why you want to check often, and jump on a deal if you get the chance).

Just so we're on the same page, you know you'll be looking to add at least a solid 30 or 40 pounds to look athletic, right? That's gonna call for a bunch of food.


wow thanks alot, that really helps a bunch! i appreciate the advice

Right now my routine is a workout on Mondays, Wednesday, & Fridays of Chest Press, Bent Over Rows, Front Squats, Bulgarian Split Squats, Upright Rows, Military Press, Skullcrushers, and Curls. On Mondays I do 5 sets of 5, Wednesday 4 sets of 10, and Friday 3 sets of 15 for each exercise. on Tues/Thurs/Sat i do light cardio, with a circuit of 3 ab exercises and and a calve exercise, like one-leg raises or Donkey raises.

ANd when it comes to the weights, i have 4x15 lbs, 2x10 lbs, 8x7.5 lbs, and 8x2.5 lbs. If i put on ALL the weights on the barbell, it barely fits, because most of the weight are plastic and very large, also making the most weight i can put on a DB 50lbs.

and yes i know about the eating, and im trying to eat all the time, as much as possible to get on that solid 30 or 40 lbs. lol


x2 on the craigslist advice

I got a really nice bench and a 300 lb olympic set for $100. But yeah... the stuff goes fast. I'm in the search for more plates and am having a heck of a time contacting the poster before 10 other people do.


Solid routine. But you're going much heavier on the 5-rep sets and relatively-lighter with the 10 and 15-rep sets, right? Especially with things like the chest press, row, and front squat, you be reaching near-failure at the fifth rep, so be sure you're using enough weight to do that.

In another month or two, depending on your progress, I'd look to switch things up a bit, maybe switching to an upper-lower split.

Ah, the old plastic, cement-filled weights. Cool beans. Unless my math is off (which it just might be), I come up with 160 pound in plates, plus what's probably a 5 to 15-pound barbell depending on the length. I'd still try to pick up a pair of 25-pound standard plates. They should be about $50 for the pair. If you think you're reaching the limits with what you've got, that's the next step.

Good to hear. What did you eat yesterday?


Some great advice by Chris as always.

If you look around man you can find some deals on stuff cheap as heck and evn free. I wil also advise you to think out of the box, Anything can make a great training implement anything that has weight to it heavy rocks, kegs, sand bags, ruck sacks filled with stuff, friends. If you use your imagination you can get crazy good training with no money invested at all.

Let us know the loads you are using on the current lifts and rep schemes that will help more.



yes i change the weight accordingly and reach near failure everytime, though on my last set i usually hit it on most of the exercises. but the upper lower splut was exactly what i planned on changing due to my current routine kind of not hitting my chest ang legs as much as they need to be.

yesterday i ate egg noodles with hamburger meat mixed in, peanut butter sandwiches, oatmeal loaded with milk, turkey sandwiches, and more peanut butter sandwiches. I dont usually count how many grams of protein and carbs i eat per day or meal, i just try to eat some in every meal, especially in my post-workout meal, which is the oatmeal, which usually has about 30g of protein and lots of carbs. Also, i drink alot of milk through out the day, which is a good protein source


Your diet seems similar to mine. With me it just doesn't cut it though. I eat less carbs than you but equal protein and fats I would say. I would be careful with this sort of diet just because I personally find the calories can jump up and down between each day so much.