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Lack of Variety with Exercises


I guess you're supposed to change your exercises every month or so to prevent stagnation. Does anyone feel like they have too few exercises for certain muscle groups? Like my biceps I only do 2 or 3 primary exercises...how many exercises do you perform for each muscle group? Of course it varies; nevertheless....


The options are endless... You can keep the same exercises, but just change the angle you hit them at:



All with BB or DB...

Triceps same deal:


I tend to have a few "money" exercises I do... but just rotate the angles etc... Seems to work...

You could also change the ROM...

Full DLs
Rack pulls


Board Presses etc...


dude there are sooooooooo many exercises. someimes i do have trouble finding new ones myself but you dont NEED to switch it up every month on the dot. if you stagnate then go ahead but make sure its for a legit reason.

stay the same or if they go down 2 weeks in a row thats when i switch it up. sometimes you could just be having a bad day.


It's possible to have a wide variety of exercises in the program. For example I am now on a 15 day rotation and the exercises are:

1) ATG squats, deadlift

2) "InHuman" Close-Grip Bench Press, Smith Reclining Overhead Press

3) Rest

4) Leg Press, Leg Press Calf Raise, Calf Raise in BodyMasters squat machine, seated calf raise, JM Press, rope triceps pressdowns, Scott bar triceps pressdowns

5) Hammer Strength Iso Row, Chin, Pendlay Row (really should be called Arnold Row), "45YC Row"(starts as strict row at 45 degree angle, then strict Yates Row at about 20 degrees, then Coleman-style row at same angle, each method done for as many reps as possible before moving to the next), T-bar row, wide-grip pullups or pulldowns, V-bar seated row, Strive Extreme Row, Cobra pulldown with overhead pulleys, lower trap pulldown on Strive pulldown, scap raise, extreme forward lean seated row

6) Rest

7) ATG squats, deadlift, Romanians to knees, Romanians to mid calves, snatch grip deadlift, snatch grip rack pulls, reverse curl, EZ-bar curl

8) Nautilus 40 degree Chest/Shoulder, InHuman CGBP, Smith RGBP, Incline Press, Decline Press, neutral-grip "Thib DB Press" (keeping DB's pressed together), Arm Cross, Scott Triceps Extensions, Triceps Pushdown with Scott bar, Tates Press, Strive Triceps extension

9) Rest

10) Smith Recline Overhead Press, BodyMasters squat machine Overhead Press, unilateral DB overhead press, BodyMasters squat machine shrug, lateral raise, Voyer Shrug, 20 degree shrug, front raise, lying rear delt fly

11) Box squats, good-morning squats, Dimmel deadlift

12) Rest

13) 20 degree leanback lat pulldown to chest with V-bar, ab strap lat machine pulldowns, PJR pullovers, 45 degree pushdowns, supinated momentum pushdown, narrow grip pronated pushdown, Strive lower trap pulldown, Farmer's Walk, Halbert raise, face pulldown, motorcycle row

14) Leg Press calf raise, seated calf raise, reverse curl, EZ bar curl, DB preacher hammer curl, DB curl

15) Rest

(Note: above is edited -- it had been what I'd been doing the last month but I changed it slightly to reflect what I will be doing. Basically adding a day on account of adding box squats, and some reshuffling necessitated by that change.)

The intent is not to suggest you or anyone should do this or do anything similar, but simply to illustrate that it's possible to have a lot of exercises in there, to good effect.


I don't see what the point is when it comes to continually choosing different exercises, especially EVERY MONTH. Now I may change one to two exercises per bodypart if I begin to stall out.

For example, my bench was stuck at 275lbs. I changed from doing Flat Bench to DB Incline to BB Incline into DB Bench. That small change caused my bench to jump to 315, and 225 feels like a breeze.

The point is that, unless your routine is utter shit, you shouldn't change many of your exercises, especially in a short time frame.

As far as how many exercises I do per body part, here it is:

Biceps-4-5 (depends on how I feel)





change excercises when you max out and they are no longer working for you if you like. don't do it just for the sake of it.