lack of sleep and body temp. :)

Does anybody else find out that when they don’t get enough sleep that the next day their body temp is way the hell up? I feel like I’m a furnace sometimes.

Yep, get the same damn thing too. Or, as I get more fatigued during the day (late at night), it feels like my body temp is going way up.

Yes, with less than say 4 hours sleep.

Interesting you say that, because I’m feeling it right now. Went out last night till 5 am, woke up at 9 for work, and I’m like a furnace. I also have a little jittery feeling and like a pit in my stomach

I get that way very easily if I dont get enough sleep. The burning up makes it even harder to go to sleep even though I’m tired as hell which typically starts a cycle of insomnia. I would guess increased levels of epinephrine are to blame for the increased heat.

I am pretty sure that a rise in body temperature is present with overtraining. So possibly the lack of sleep pushes you into that area? Back when I was going to school and training alot and not getting much sleep I was constantly hot…I mean people would touch me and comment on it. I’m just curious as why this is so? :slight_smile:

ya…i get the same thing. I geet up at 5am for work and i also notice that my body temp is higher the earlier i get up (no matter how many hours of sleep i’ve had) i can feel it at about 6 hours, but like RYANO said…very much at 4 or less.

usually for me when i am in an overtrained state my heart rate is elevated when i wake up, which would obviously lead to an increase in body temp. so i think the temp is just the byproduct of the elevated heart rate associated with overtraining.

Now that you mentioned it, I have noticed an increase in body temperature due to lack of sleep. My guess would be your body is trying to compensate for the overdrive that you put it through, but in the midst of repairing itself, you awake. So in a sense you are operating before your body had a chance to completely repair itself from your previous day’s use. It most likely does this all the time while you’re asleep, just that when you allow yourself enough sleep that your body would’ve done all if not most of the necessary repairs and therefore restore back to a normal body temp. Think about it, why do you get a fever? It’s your body’s signal that something’s wrong and is in need of restoration. This is all just my speculation, mind you - I have absolutely nothing to support this so don’t hold me accountable for my guess. Just a crapshoot in the dark =)

Thanks Kelly. :slight_smile: