Lack of Progess?

I’ve currently been training seriously for three months I know thats not long at all and don’t expect to be have made huge progress but I’ve made next to non. I’ve previously trained on and off recreationaly for a couple of year but not very seriously. I’m using a slight variation of WSSB that better suits my schedule basically focusing on the squat deadlift and bench press with accessory work. My current best lifts are

Squat - 90kg x 5 (198 pounds)
Deadlift - 140kg x 2 (309 pounds)
Bench Press - 90 x 5 (198 pounds)

My squat has increased from 80kg for three reps, my bench from 77.5gk for 5 and I’m not as sure about my Deadlift as I gradually worked up to my max as I have a history of back problems.

As I said above I don’t expect miracle results but thought that at the start of my training I would see greatest gains. All I’m wondering is am I being overly optimistic or do I need to start more closely examining my training and lifestyle?

Doing Westside 4 Skinny Bastards usually means you are skinny or you want to gain weight. With that being said and assuming I’m correct, how is your diet?

You will start to slowly notice gains in the weight lifted and on the scale once you start eating enough with proper protein intake.

If you want more dramatic gains you need to eat more food. And usually it takes more than adding a scoop of whey to your diet.

Try adding 500 calories to your current plan. Tablespoons of olive oil into a protein shake is a nice addition. 1 cup of full fat cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter before bed is good too.

x2 on the food, also are you increasing weight every week? You should be able to add 5-10lbs on those lifts every single week. If you can’t then do extra reps with the heaviest weight you did the week before.

Size and strength are my main goals yes. I feel like I’m eating enough I don’t know exact calorific values but enough to get odd looks. For example I worked out the calories in my average dinner and it was over 2000 calories. I was wondering will I not benefit fully from WSSB as i wouldn’t describe myself as skinny I’m 6"3 and 210 pounds.

Look I’ll say this one time. If you arent gaining weight you arent eating enouhg. It doesnt matter how much your emaciated friends think you eat. Everyone has different caloric needs.

A program is only as good as the person using it. If you arent pushing yourself to the limit every day it doesnt matter what program you use.

You gained 10lbs a month on your bench. That’s really not that bad. That’s 120 lbs in a year. The first thing to look at, given a problem progress wise, is, the others said, really truly is your diet. How much protein are you getting? At least 250 grams every day, right?

Sorry that was a typo my bench is now 80kg so only an increase of 2.5kg. Also should I be pushing myself everyday it was my understanding that you only grew or go stronger during rest periods. So if i were to train everyday wouldn’t this be counterproductive?

If you aren’t gaining weight, you aren’t eating enough.

The. Fucking. End.

It’s easy to measure if you’re eating enough calories… weigh yourself, same day of the week, in the morning, right after you get up, after using restroom. If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not eating enough. Also, you didn’t tell us how much you weighed in the beginning and how much you weigh now.