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Lack of Pelvic Stability, Spinal Erector Asymmetry Solution


hopefully the gods don't smite me for saying this.

It's easy to spot someone with a lack of pelvic stability and possibly spinal erector imbalance.

Usually it comes with-and I'm just saying this because it happened to me- a lot of anterior rotation of the pelvis when walking. the asis of one side of the pelvis will often come farther forward than the other when standing still.

Personally I think it can be remedied quite easily with some single leg deadlifts while focusing on keeping the pelvis square and abdominal hollowing, some ab work, some rows on one leg while abdominal hollowing and an adjustment or two by a chiropractor.

I used to get adjusted by the chiropractor all the time, but it would do no good because the soft tissue on one side of my back was weaker than the other and wouldn't hold the vertebra in place. The vertebra would go right back in to their original position before the adjustment.

-hip flexor stretch with the pelvis posteriorly rotated 1 min/side
-single leg deadlift 15-20 reps with weight in opposite hand as small spinal erector and stance leg same side as spinal erector while abdominal hollowing
- isometric row at cable station with split stance, forward leg same side as small spinal erector, cable in opposite hand as small spinal erector while abdominal hollowing
-isometric dragon flag sitting backwards on a sit up bench with legs off to the side of the large spinal erector (work up to sets of 1 minute