Lack of Nutrition for Teenage Height Growth


I would hardly say that 5’11 is stunted growth! Most people do not even achieve that height. In your case, I think it’s just that you went through puberty at a earlier stage compared to most people. Therefore, with puberty having past, your growth in the past 3 years has naturally slowed.

Nevertheless, you should never starve yourself, irregardless on its effects on your height. At 5’11, you should be aiming for at least 2800kcal per day, as well as 154g protein (based on 1g per lb bodyweight. Put on some mass buddy, and you’ll look much better than skinny shit. Always remember to do some intense weight training. It helps stimulate growth hormone which may help you grow even taller!

I was the same in high school.

I was 5’10 at 17 when I graduated at 254.

Now that i’m in college. I cleaned up my diet, get 200 grams of protein a day. Lift heavy compound movements, squats, deads, cleans, etc.

Now a year later, I weight 195, am easily 6’1, and much much stronger. 210 max on bench, to 225 8 times. 315 squat 9 times to having trouble with 225. I can finnally clean 205, and deadlift 315 easily. Most people from High School don’t recognize me. This shit didn’t just happen I made it happen with proper nutrition, and work. I think without my diet and lifting I would be the same.If you take care of your diet now you should grow.

No, it’s not too late. In fact, you still have a few years left of very high T levels. Use it to your advantage.

Hell, in HS my day would look like this

breakfast: cereal
lunch: 4 small chocolate milks and 2 big chocolate chip cookies
Dinner: Burger King or some kind of sandwich

it was god awful, no wonder I was only 130 lbs, lol then again when I put on weight I didn’t really change much of my eating habits