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Lack of Motivation

Hey there, its been awhile since i’ve been here and i’m really missing the forum. i’ve recently been through some “hard times” so to speak and i need your help. i want you to remind me why i need to start bodybuilding again, anything please. I NEED TO BE MOTIVATED! I’ve been off for 6 months and i’ve gone from a fit, strong and lean 190 to a fat, disgusting, unhealthy and not feeling very good 225. thanks guys.

Try chris shugart’s ‘merry christmas bob’ article here at t-mag or ‘I hear dead people’. TC’s ‘let go of the rock’ is cool too.

You answered your own question, bro! Read your post. you’ve been off training for 6 months and feel like crapola, and are disgusted with yourself. Motivation can be positive (running TO something) or negative (running FROM something). Looks like you already know what you’ll be running FROM. Take a picture of yourself, post it on your bathroom mirror, and vow that, by God, you’ll NEVER be that way again!

You must remember what it is like. How you feel, how people see you. I too had the same situation. Except it was about 1.5 years that I stopped working out. I was fat. Ugly. That is gone now though. I love, I can’t imagine going back. We all love it when people gaze at our bodies and are just amazed at the shape and contours of our muscles. People are jealous. People ask advice constantly, and you get many compliments. You know you want this. It is very close. On your marks, get set, … GO!

If you’ve been off for six freaking months. Just imagine how fast your gains or losses will be. Shit, you’re practically a newbie again. Here’s a tip that got me through the fat fast; Print out your lifting routine and eating schedule from your computer and place them on one of your bedrom walls in seven day increments. Everytime you wakeup you will be faced with the a new day. If you stop again, tearing those suckers down will be an awful reminder of how weak you are.

Read the article titled, “Merry Christmas Bob”.