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Lack of Knowledge


Ive been lifting for football for about 3 years during the offseason but never took it very seriously, but this offseason i am.

I started lifting mid Nov. after the season was over and put on good gains and put on about 15 pounds im now around 184. seemed like the first 10 weeks everything shot up and i was putting on lean mass and got good gains but now it seems much slower this past 3 weeks or so.

Heres my Routine: Mon: Back and Bi's
Wed: Tri's and Chest
Sat: Legs and Shoulders

I never do the same lifts minus the core ones. for ex. mon ill do deadlifts but switch up two other back exercises or wed. ill do bench and switch up two other chest exercises with something else like push ups, incline, decline etc. Sat. ioll always do squats for legs and military press for shoulders...well anyways you get the idea im sure.

So my routines a 3 day split and i do 3-4 sets and pyramid down most of the time (12-10-8-6)

Is this a bad routine or not, becuase like i said my gaines have seemed to slow down alot.

What do you guys use for gains in mass and strentgh for football, and recieved good gains with? Im really looking to get up to around 200 and increase strentgh and quickness and need your help
Please Critique or criticize


THis looks more like a bodybuilding routine that a sports conditioning routine. You gotta scrap it. You'll build up more muscle and be ready to kill people on the field by digging through Chad Waterbury's and Joe DeFranco, Dave Tate's, Eric Cressey's articles. You want quickness, you gotta lift explosively. Look under strength sports forums too. Christian Thibadeau is a good sports author as well.

Check out elitefts.com, and again, dig through the archives here. Hopefully someone else pops in on this thread and tosses down some more help too. Ditch the bodybuilder splits. Seriously. They aren't going to help the same way as lifting explosively will when it comes to speed and conditioning, and generally turning your body into an opponent-creaming machine.


You might wanna try looking at some routines here. Bodybuilding splits are NOT THE WAY TO GO if you are an athlete as they don't develop functional strength.

You can try checking out westisde for skinny bastards, ABBH by Chad Waterbury or the holiday program by Alwyn Cosgrove


4 words...

Westside... For... Skinny... Bastards...

Joe DeFranco makes his living preparing NFL guys for the combine. WS4SB will get you prepared for your high school season- no doubt!


I checked out defranco's website and his program, which im kinda confused on since im not very experienced. I did a google search on the other guys and couldn't really find any info or programs on workout routines. Are there any other routines for football out there, or any links? i couldnt find any for anyone but defranco's routine.


If your confused about WSFSB then ask your questions here because honestly I believe it is the best program for sport specefic conditioning.


Alright for this program do you just repeat the same week schedule every week? I dont know what a few of the exercies are (seal Jumping jacks, Iron cross, back bridges, rollovers into v sits birddogs, fire hydrants, few others.)

WHen it syas max effort lift you just choose one lifts and the most you can for just one set of 3-5 reps right? Adn when you superset i know all the exercises in group 1 but in group 2 i dont what are standing rope pulls to neck, kneeling scarecrows, straight arm lat pulldowns, rear delt flyes, seated dumbell powercleans?

For lower body when it says variation like deadlift variation does that change it the lift os not? What are dynamic box squat variations?
And on fridays i wouldnt be able to do strongman conditioning so i could put some running in there

I know its alot of questions i appreciate your help


Just a note, there are a ton of programs and such right on this site... as I'm not sure if you Googled the planet or here specifically.

On a different note, eventually your gains will slow. However, it is possible that with all your working out and your previous gains, that your nutritional needs are now greater than your consumption.

Be sure to look into the diet once you have yourself on an appropriate program. And, like others have said, ask about things here, you'll get the information you need.



get over to Dan's site, loads of good stuff on there that should help.


Seems like everywhere you go theres always a routine thats better. Basically i want something that may not be the most revolutionary routine. ID rahter have something more simplistic but guranteed results. But i do think i might try WSFSB theres just a few things im confused on. the questions are in my earlier post

Thanks for all the replys


This is the program that the Miami Hurricanes use. What do yout hink of this program its a 10 week program. Im thinking of trying WSFSB later when the weather gets better since theres running involoved. But what do you think of the miami Hurricane program and would it be helpful for me since i play D-end?

Also what are Hang Cleans i think those are just power cleans but just have it hang instead of going to the floor correct me if im wrong. and whats a power jerk, manual neck, Roman chair twist, RDL, and hanging leg raises?

Really need some help it would be appreciated thanks


Fuck i hate it when people mention routines where they detail every specific workout for each muscle in their upper body; and then they will just say "legs" at the end like they are not important.



The Miami program seems fine. I have heard good things about their s&c coach so if that really is their program (I think it might be a sample one, but I would bet their program has more individualization). Just start lifting!