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Lack of Hunger


So I'm never hungry anymore.

I've realized that I'm actually scared of being hungry and be stuck somewhere where I won't have anything to eat. As if I'd grown up in Somalia or something. It's strange. So it's really important to me to try to eat every three hours or whatever because I don't want to undereat and slow my metabolism. I'm never hungry in the morning, but I know how good breakfast is for you so I always have something.

5'4.25", ~120lbs, ~20% BF, BMR: ~1400, female - looking to lose fat/bulk up some, not currently actively pursuing it.

The thing is, I'm don't really need to eat anything at all. I'm just not hungry. Yesterday (don't slam me, it's exam period) I had peanut butter on bread for breakfast. A few hours later, the fear hit that I hadn't eaten enough yet, and I had a meal bar (which I always have on me). Then dinner:

So what ends up happening is that I'm eating just to eat. Pretty much every night I'm not hungry for dinner, but when I'm around my boyfriend at the end of a long day I want to sit back, have a meal, and relax - even if I'm not hungry. He suggests pizza, I think "I have to eat, I've only had 400 cals today." After that, I can finish half a bag of oreos in a sitting, although I rarely make it over 2,000 even when I do so. I seriously just like the act of eating, eat because I think I should, and am not hungry.

Obviously I need to start eating clean. Obviously I should eat smaller meals at night and bigger during the day - all which will be easier in approximately 3 days when I finish college - but seriously, how can I eat sometimes 1200 calories and still not be hungry?


Hungry is a weird subject... it's also very mental. If you think about food all day you're probably more hungry. You think the opposite. I know people to who just "forget" to eat or can easily skip some meals without feeling dizzy.
With low blood sugar myself, and being used to every few hours, my personal clock inside "warns" me when it's time to eat. But (especially when leaning down) most of the time I already watch the clock when it's finally time to eat again LOL

It seems like your nutrition is not good for several reasons: probably not enough protein, not enough fiber (good for digestion!), not enough water (speeds up the process too), veggies and fruits, and very important also: eating every few hours. That speeds up your metabolism too.
If you say you eat on one day 400 calories untill dinner, than I see the main reason there. Just change your eating pattern, increase calories slowly, eat at the same hours... Start making it a habit, follow the 9 Berardi rules.


Owh, one more thing: what kind of training are your doing?
With heavy lifting, hunger guaranteed. Try to look up into compound exercises, like the Waterbury workouts.


Yeah, training is kind of an a hiatus right now.

Other significant factor: in a month or two I hope to get my first real job and might be getting my first car. That means access to the grocery store, and that means fruits, veggies, etc. Man, a car will be like heaven.


I second this. When I'm in the middle of one of Chad's workouts I literally can't eat enough. Like if I don't get found NOW i'd eat my own arm!! Chad said thats a good sign!


Do a search on "empty calories".


Uhhh....who is that in your avatar AG1?