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Lack of Energy


I eat on the very healthy side. Grass fed beef, free range chicken and a ton of dark green leafy things and things from the garden. I am never sick though my energy levels as of a year ago have dropped. Suggestions? Ideas? (Not a big fan of using uppers)


Have you been trying to lose weight? Diets make me have less energy.


try using some creatine before a workout.



I was like LMAO



this article mentions adrenal gland fatigue....


Here are a couple of things to check off the list before you get too worried,
-proper nutrition
-any added stressor, (work, more workouts, family problems, etc)

If all of those things are in check, and you still feel low on energy, it might be worth getting a cbc, complete blood count to rule out anemia, thyroid issues, etc. Sometimes labs can be very telling.

Also, I just had some blood work done recently because I'm anemic and my vitamin d3 levels were a bit on the low side and I felt like shit all winter. The weather has been warmer and sunnier lately and as a result, I think D3 levels are higher so that could also play a role if you live in an area with long winters.


Recently put on any meds?

Recent case of mono? Have you been tested for an active infection of mono?

Are you tired from when you wake up and throughout the day, or is there a timeframe where you have decent energy, even if it's not optimal for you?