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Lack of Empathy


I think most people who post here know nothing about the realities of this world we live in. There is a dichotomy between nationalistic Americans, and non-Americans on here.

The Americans i referred to will be quick to cry out loudly about their own suffering in wars, but don't read history to see that in many cases they were responsible.

If your only source of information is your own (conditioned) attitude, and maybe the daily press, you'll be very short of things to contribute.

In this political forum, my own interest and study of of history and current politics seem to be a reason to discredit me. How pathetic.

Anytime i write something, i hope that someone wise will respond positively. There are such things as right and wrong. Many of you are wrong, but just argue your unimaginative, ignorant, hateful, destructive opinions loudly, hoping that their volume and repetition will make up for their errors.

Also, these nameless characters take each slight suggestion or comment as an attack. EG criticising my suggestion that America could be far more welcome in the world, if it modified it's behaviour, as if that was not a positive suggestion.

I see people writing stuff about life-and-death stuff like 'If we want to do it, we'll just do it, we're the Alpha Male country'. That's so embarassing for me to read. This subjective intolerance of other people's rights, pains, interests and attitudes is willfully destructive. 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' is relevant here.

I don't mind arguing/debating with people like doogie and zap, who will usually support their opinions. We will disagree. That's fine. But i can respect their opinions. They don't quote the irrelevant Belgian Congo shit to shake wreckless off a valid point about imperialism, for example.
Step your fucking game up people. You know who you are.


And you are going to propose that you know about the realities of this world?

This tripe right here is the very reason I dislike you so strongly. It is the very reason that most on here take issue with most of what you say.

For one that does far more than his share of Blame-America-First blathering, you of all people should learn to step of his game.

I think you are a joke.


I don't even care about you, or your opinion of me. You accept no blame yet dispense much. You say nothing progressive, insightful, menaingful or worth breath.

In another post i wrote 'I don't dislike America, i dislike some people, some attitudes, some wars'.

You retorted 'your posts drip with blame-America rhetoric'. They don't. Maybe truth hurts. The OP (who has disappeaered for the time being) said how prevalent anti-Americansim is these days. I said yes, and this is why that may be.... If you want a different effect, take a different course of action.

That's not rhetoric. It's demagogy.

I wouldn't presume to give you a lesson in business. You are the arrogant one.

It obviously hurts you to even concede one insight from my posts. If i respected you and your ideas, i might be insulted. In fact it justifies. I don't want to convert fools.

Anything i ever write isn't addressed to you. Don't respond please. I want to have an intelligent discussion on issues that will ripple and affect my reality if i am passive.

You have an ability to degrade any debate into stone-throwing of negative personal insults. This isn't a bitching forum. How impotent of you. Swallow your pride or a dick.


Political ideoligy aside, this post, and the post that followed, make you sound like a fucking whiner. You are a man aren't you?

If so, I suggest you let 'em drop and act like one.


First off - you have to have an insight in any of your posts for me to concede one. You don't.

Secondly - your definition of "fool" is a little loose - and off center if you are not including yourself as being one.

No - you want people to agree with you and your pseudo-intellectual balthering.

You have not been here long enough to tell me what this forum is or isn't. That is another one of your problems: You seem to think that you have aninput as to the direction the political forum will take. You couldn't be more wrong.

I don't like you or your insults. You have contributed nothing here. You accuse me of stone throwing - and then tell me to swallow a dick.

You need to find a forum where you are treated with awe that you seem to think you deserve.

You are nothing. Start acting like it.


Ok flamer. I am a man. I didn't intend to whine. I'll leave those concerned to it, and feel secure knowing they'll never get any real power. George Bush will be out of it in a few years, maybe with a cool leader problems will iron themselves out.

How pathetic you are rainjack. Do i claim to be fighting for supremacy of a political forum on a bodybuilding website? I'm not. You just continue to resist whatever it is you feel you have to be scared of


This is neither politcal or related to world issues. My nomination for most ridiculous thread of the week.


If I am "scared" of anything it is unbridled stupidity. But I think you use the words like "scared", and "fear" to try and marginalize my posts.

Sounds to me like you are trying to tell me what to do - and thereby set the tone down here.

DO you lift? Why are you even here?


What does "progressive" mean in this context?


It means liberal, estrogen filled whining. And no - you won't hear me say anything the rat will consider progressive.


Sorry you find this ridiculous BH6, it is all very ridiculous.

Neal- what i meant by 'progressive' is anything which moves us in a positive social evolution type of way. Better schools, civility, dignity, respect, compassion etc. Diametrically opposed to this is jingoism which leads to wars, intolerant destruction etc, which is what i often see exhibited in a place with much potential.

This thread refers to another called 'pervasive anti-americanism', in which a guy was confused/ upset about the growing mood of anti-americanism. This has potential to be a discussion about a very influential topic.


How is it influential? Please.

Run along.


Because conservatives are testosterone pumping alpha males and liberals are too busy crying about stepping on an ant the other day... sigh.

Purveying more sterotypes...yet you cry when people refer to Texans as rednecks?

Your bullshit is reaching new heights.


You put a lot of words into my mouth. Nice try.

My reply to dan rat was that of him telling the US what they need to do - and it includes getting in touch with our feminine side.

I did not stereo-type liberals. I used a comma. That means I am not defining liberalism. I am including being liberal with the other things a I said.

But whatever. This guy is my JeffR.

I can't stand anything he writes. He's a fucking college kid that has made a couple of A's and he thinks that gives him a platform to speak down to us from.


Haha. Well, that puts it in perspective for me.

I just hate when people start feeding that line about liberals being pussies just because we're liberals. Call it one of my pet peeves.


Stop posting and we will suffer from a lack of stupidity. If you could call that suffering.


Agree with Irish,around my city ,its those smart ass, pushy republican's that dont believe in big gov't,that always want to call the cops or threatin to sue you,when they know they are going to get their butt kicked.We must have a bunch of sissy republicans unlike the one's RJ has in Texas.


Even those of us who have travelled, lived, and studied abroad around the world? As compared to you, who are nineteen, live in Newcastle or some other depressed shitheap, and draw most of your knowledge from knife-fighting and bad books?

Has it ever occurred to you that lots of Americans have seen the alternatives, and it has made them even more passionate about their own country?

What? That hasn't happened. You're making that up right along with the rest of your "facts".

Again, many of us have lived, studied, and served all around the world. We have an enormously multicultural society -- and a successful one at that.

No just your pompous arrogance that would lead you to think that A. You know fuck all about Americans -- our culture, history, attitudes, morality, etc. or B. You understand how the world actually functions.

Yes, there is such a thing as right and wrong. Because we disagree with you, though -- again, many of us drawing from far more background and knowledge than yourself, which has been demonstrated over and over -- we're wrong!

"Nameless characters?" Like "dannyrat"? Tell you what. Next time you visit the Midwest let me know and I'll meet up with you. Just don't try to bring a BLADE over on an airplane.

That's nice. Has it ever occurred to you that having everyone like you is a ridiculous goal in foreign policy? Not even everyone likes Canada (see recent Al Qaeda statements), and they've done their best to have an irrelevant foreign policy.

There is a class in America as well that derides the "Alpha Male". They usually don't log onto a site called "Testosterone", which is centered around busting your ass in the gym to become the big guy on the block.

In any case, since you are a master of foreign policy, tell us all how nations follow the Golden Rule regularly in foreign policy? How many other great powers in history have followed the Golden Rule better than the USA: The USSR? Her Majesty's Brittanic Empire? Rome? The Ottomans? The Mongols? The Babylonians?

First of all, wreckless' rabid, high-handed anti-Americanism doesn't deserve serious response. It's a joke, like, for instance, the Belgians reserving the right to try to sue foreign leaders for their foreign policies, and then bitching out like little pussies the moment we arched our brow at them.

Second of all, "step up your fucking game"? What kind of responses are you looking for? Do you read your own garbage? You don't make arrogant, under-educated, misguided attacks, with incorrect history as a background, and then expect a deep philosophical discussion, do you?

Fine, here you go. Here's the civil answer to your posts: "Your knowledge of history can best be characterized as shallow. Your interpretation of that little knowledge is far worse. About the only thing that I've ever noticed that's come close to acceptable has been your dates. Your premises are almost universally flawed. You let your dislike of America and her foreign policies cloud what little judgement you may have had.

"Starting from this opening point, there is little basis for a reasonable discussion, as it is not possible to argue reason with a patently unreasonable person."

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


The problem with political forums, scratch that, all forums is that everyone has the arrogance to argue they know the "truth". I would wager that the number of people that have the wealth of knowledge at their disposal, the aptitude to interpret it and the temperance to look at it objectively could be counted on one hand. Thus the rest of us mortals always fall back on arguments based on ideology, beliefs and ethics, backed up by select and often jaded examples.

Its no wonder that if you look at every thread on this site they almost always resort to a pissing contest or to flaming. So posters on this thread and all others keep that in mind. Now patriotic americans, America is indeed a great country that has accomplished many honourable acts.

That said like all nations it has a seedy corrupt underbelly, ignoring this fact accomplishes nothing, as an american you should be looking to make your nation better by pushing for the things you allegedly believe in; freedom, justice and the pursuit of happiness.

America bashers (this means you OP) Sitting in your tower and sniping is also counterproductive, yes the U.S has done some deplorable things, name a country who hasn't, but they also have done some remarkably progressive and humane things. If you would like to criticize and highlight some injustice go right ahead, but do it contructively and OFFER AN ALTERNATIVE.


Ok chucky. Fair enough.

I do agree that this is the site of alpha males. I like that. I don't feel 'beta', don't want to be, wouldn't change that. But (please think about this) what has a love of weights got to do with shady wars?

And no, i don't think any civilisation/country has ever got it 'just right'. But, from my 'depressed little town' i feel that this is no reason to give up trying. Isn't that attitude more like T-Nation?

Sorry about 'step up your game'. Unlike this comment from you (which i can respect, if not accede to), a lot of ideas i speak on just don't even get answered, it's all 'the blade' and insults to try to quiten me.

To your civil answer- Ok. I don't arbitrarily dislike the Us policies. No-one accepts that i know a lot about the mideast, this is what i profess (no pun) to know about. Check my posts for relevant humility/confidence.

J- ok man. I don't want to snipe and be counterproductive. I did offer an alternative, check it out man. (with due respect). My whole thread here is to refer to people rejecting my ideas out of hand, solely because they don't respect my position (yes, i know)

I'm 21, a man, maybe not a senior man, but a man nonetheless. I'm not an infant academic. Please read my posts without prejudice, as i'll do for you. Unless they are just shouting me down. Neither of you two have done that.