Lack of Confidence in Neurotype 2A Program

I have followed your work for many years and the one concept you have stated that I have had the best results from has been how hitting a muscle 2-3 times per week is the optimal frequency for natties.

I bought The Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters and had great results from that since it seemed to follow this concept. This made me confident to finally pull the trigger and buy one of your more detailed plans off your site.

I purchased the Neurotype 2A program and I am having a hard time trusting this program 100% because it does not follow this structure. (In Blocks 1 and 3 the setup is targeting a muscle just once a week).

Not sure what I am hoping to achieve in writing this but maybe there is a reason for this approach, and I could be convinced that this is an effective setup. I was on the fence of buying this program or your Get Lean for Summer and was wondering if I should have gone this route if it follows more of the training frequency setup that gives me more confidence in the program.

I had the same feelings so in accumulation 1, I did some split squats after the back/tris day.

By Acc. 2, I realized coach was right and I was wrong. Your legs will grow while training them one x per week as a result of their recovery from hammering them 3x per week in the previous phase. Plus, the 1x per week is not exactly easy haha Everything works out great.

It doesn’t. Do not forget that there are cross-overs between muscles.

For example, when you train pectorals the deltoids will also get stimulated. When you train back, the biceps also work, etc.

I figured that was what was probably occurring and had nothing to worry about but there is just something about having reassurance from the author of the program on why it’s setup like it is. Thanks !!! Confidence back to 100%

Furthermore, the phases alternate and 2 out of 4 phases as you hitting each muscle 3x a week.

Those blocks look awesome and can’t wait to give those a go!!!

I picked up the 2A program as well, and I’m super excited about how much variation there is and how many different exercises and methods are used! It’ll be cool doing a bunch of exercises that I either have never done or haven’t done in a long time

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Hind site I feel like a complete jackass to have even posted in the first place. Me, question the knowledge of someone like Thibaudeau makes no sense. First week of program and I am loving it. Maybe this Neurotype needs constant reassurance that the program they are doing is giving them maximum benifits. Who knows haha but I can tell this was worth the price and then some!!

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I hope you continue loving it and get great results, I know I can’t wait to do it!

And I get what you mean, the reassurance does feel good haha

Are you talking about the new program? Is it out? Because I bought the old one and first phase you’re hitting each muscle 3-5 times a week lol

Also, it’s not because a certain way of training is superior for certain aspects that is is superior in all.

I’m pretty fond of higher frequencies, but I’ve done 1x a week as well. And for instance, trust me you’ll never have the same levels of mind-muscles connection and pump with high frequency.

AT LEAST until you have increased these capacities