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Labwork without LH Test?

I have labs scheduled and I am visiting a TRT doc next week. I noticed from the list of tests they are requisitioning that LH is not on the list. Is an LH test absolutely recommended? Here is the list of what they are testing:

1)Free T3
7)Free Testosterone
8)Total Testosterone
10)CMP (complete metabolic panel)

If you come back low T, you’ll wanna know WHY.

LH, along with FSH will tell you why.

So YES, include it.

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High LH would indicate testicles are failing and low LH would indicate it’s a pituitary failure. So yes it matters and is part of the diagnosis process.

Doctors prefer to start out using clomid to see if it can restart the pituitary to increase LH, if your testicles are failing (high LH), then clomid will not work.