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LaBuff? Not!


This junk is getting out of hand. He is fairly lean in this picture but looking at his arms and the rest....Jeez! Is this the best the public can hope for?


Ha, he looks like this guy in his 50's that runs through my neighborhood every morning.


I hope he's running towards a buffet.


Media is the devil.


I honestly think my sister has better arm development after 6 months of weight training....

/sigh..... masculinity is all but dead when this becomes an ideal...


ANt good to jog on as you can see.He is much to bent over and looks in pain and when he about 60 he will need new nees.RUN on the grasse or sand TMZ and ripped ant the same as pumped up or hulked.CUT up ant hulk or pumped nither learn before you talk TMZ.CARD WORK out best done on a soft setting.Yo tell them TMZ you tell them

from the comments...


hes one skinny anorexic bastard.

Just reading some of the comments by the chicks from that article.....


What are you talking about, he's a beast!


first day speaking the English huh ... don't worry you'll get better :slight_smile:


That's what I was thinking. I hope they caught him decelerating or something, because if that's what he looks like running he has no idea what he's doing.


I don't see why some of you guys are so obsesses over this guy. Who fucking cares??


he looks mad distorted. thats all i can really say about that. like his arms are way too small to be on that huge ass torso. dude looks like a neanderthal wit a mad disprotionate body

anyone seen that show on discovery channel with the cro magnon and the neanderthal? if you seen the show lemme hear ya say yaaaaa


Kid's got abs. That's it.

Get over it. "La buff" isn't funny anymore.






"Wow. More oggling over a skinny dude with no real muscular development. Someday maybe he'll even lift some heavy weights.

Posted at 11:50AM on Jul 9th 2009 by A Dude From T-Nation"

I love it when I find traces of our family lurking about the net.... you guys are awesome... now tell me... who posted?


I think it is a sad state of affairs for the nation of masculinity when this prick is heralded as the next "action hero"....WTFO


Did he break his hand? Cause if he is running with tapped fingers that it pretty sweet.....pazz.......nat




yeah, who gives a shit. YES, the media is fucked up. YES, they worship the six pack and don't care about anything else.

why do we need to make new threads every two weeks about this? is there nothing else in the world to talk about?

Well i'll start.

From now on this thread will be about everyone's favourite ice cream flavour. i vote lemon chocolate.