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LaBuff, How do you Train?


LaBuff, you display the muscularity of a pre-pubescent girl who has spent her entire existence on bed rest. Share with the group the hard work and dedication required to achieve such an enviable physique.




crystal skull crushers & lots of carrots


"It all starts with nutrition. The ideal physique isn't built in the gym, and not in the kitchen either, but rather at your local farmer's market. Carrots: 3 times a day, raw, unflavored, in their natural state. But I will share with you my secret weapon, that I stoll from those swollen up bodybuilder: protein shakes, twice a day, 23 grams of muscle-building power each. I know they can get you all puffy looking, but a routine full of 3 hour cardio and movements like 'Crystal Skulls' will put it all to good use."




Is this actually passing as comedy here ?


You guys, have a little respect! Please let the man himself chime in on his training first before jumping the gun and making comments.

I'm sure soon LaBuff will post and all our questions will be answered.


Who the fuck is labuff


It's more like who ISN'T Labuff?
Maybe you're just Labuff enough to know the Labuff.



Little things please little minds.


I was thinking the exact same thing..

In danish of course:

Er det virkelig humor?


det ER virkelig humor!

see what i did there?

making fun of people from the Disney Channel never goes out of style.


There are too many haters who obviously don't take having sick abs and a sweet v-taper seriously.

Some of you need to grow up.


Vanilla-Gorilla = Labuff ?


Dude, I only wish. There's only one Ronaldo, one Shugart, and one LaBuff. And I am not he.


Who the fuck is Labuff?


LaBuff started a thread about his traning methods last night. This morning it was mysteriously gone. Henceforth, we will refer to this injustice as LaBuff Gate.


From LaBuff's post in the "Classic V-Taper" Thread:

Perhaps, if we are really lucky, the man himself will grace this thread with his presence and add some more crucial details. Important details, like how many crunches he does each day.


Wait what? Disney Channel?


Wait what? Disney Channel?