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Labs to Request for TRT

Hello all I found this site yesterday while researching for more information on TRT as I just started Axiron last month. I have been working on digesting all the indepth information here and I was hoping that someone could help me.

I have an appointment with my PCP on Monday and after reading everything here I want to take charge of my health and request a number of labs to get a better understanding of my situation.

My request is for someone to maybe give me a short list of the test I should request and if possible a brief blurb about why. So far I have only gotten one complete test of my T levels (focusing on fT not TT) with my urologist. I have been reading about vitamin D and thyroid basics finding both topics to facinating.

Thank you for any and all assistance that you can provide!!!


Read the stickies.

Here you go


See the stickie Lab Work, Blood Tests and Symptoms. Everything should be in there or you should be able to deduce why from there. Thanks