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Labs on T, Anavar, HGH, etc

Hi All,

My doc has been liberal for a couple years now. I just got labs in for the following:

  • 100 mg Test C injected 2 x a week
  • 25 mg of Anavar daily
  • Ipamorelin and Sermorelin injected nightly
  • 50 mg of DHEA taken at night
  • 0.125 mg of AI taken 4 times a week
  • 1 click (0.25 ml) of T cream applied to scrotum daily
  • HcG 6,000 iu injected 40 mg twice per week

(before anyone says anything about the AI - I’ve already stopped…feeling better)

Some notes:

  • My Cholesterol is jacked up but that’s from the Anavar - before this it was perfect
  • My Ferritin is low but that doesn’t make sense and I think a retest would make sense later
  • I am no longer taking the Anavar, AI, or DHEA

Just want to get a general input in my labs from the people who chime in on these forums:

Youre prob correct about you cholesterol. I’m surprised it’s not worse quite frankly. Your SHBG is very low and the Var makes it worse. You may want to try EOD injections. Everything else looks fine to me as your high/low isn’t severe. You don’t need to waste money testing FsH/LH while on testosterone.

Ananvar lowers SHBG that explains the high Free T. If that’s good or bad, I don’t know, that’s dependent on how you feel.

This regimen is probably the reason E2 is high. One thing I don’t understand, maybe I didn’t hear about before but why shoot up 200 mg T per week, take HCG, which leads to your body producing T and then rubbing more T on your nuts?

HCG should provide intratesticular T as well as E2 conversion. In my opinion the cream is not necessary.

Next on the list:
Your red blood cell count is high, that’s the T and Anavar doing their erythropoietin inducing magic. Also your ferritin is low, these are dependent on each other. As your body produces more haemoglobin it needs more iron.

Testosterone-induced increase in hemoglobin and hematocrit is associated with stimulation of EPO and reduced ferritin and hepcidin concentrations.

I only inject 100 mg a week. Do the cream daily. I don’t inject 200 mg a week AND use the cream.

Cholesterol isn’t even THAT jacked up. Plenty of normal, overweight and obese adults living sedentary/normal lifestyles who imbibe under the constituants of a western diet will have similar lipid profiles (if not worse).

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6000 IU of HCG Per week!?! that’s just insane! I don’t know what your doctor’s credentials are but again that’s just insane! I could see taking 6000 IU as a one-time dose 4 increasing your ability to get your woman pregnant which is not uncommon infertility practices.

But your pituitary regulation of luteinizing hormone is definitely and considerably overloaded that can cause desensitization down regulation of luteinizing hormone.

100 IU or 200 IU is more common on a weekly basis for trt therapy or for testosterone performance therapy as a way to protect testicular function during your therapy. It doesn’t take much HCG to do that. for post Cycle Therapy, you can increase HCG to 300 or 500 IU weekly as a way to increase stimulation of testicular testosterone production. but the body can become over sensitized 2 large amounts so it’s better to be conservative with HCG instead of extreme doses.

It also troubles me that your doctor would consider giving you testosterone gel and a prescription for injectable testosterone. and the manner of rubbing testosterone gel on your testicles in my opinion is something that you do not want to do. unless you’re trying to present external testosterone to decrease your testicular size because extrinsic testosterone shrinks your testicles. your body regulates testicular testosterone production based on testosterone levels in the blood.

So your doctor has you doing injectable testosterone which is beyond adequate, doing transdermal testosterone, and squeezing the hell out of your nuts with 6000 IU HCG! why the hell didn’t he just give you an increased dosage of injectable testosterone is my question. there’s no need for all that other stuff. It just seems ridiculous.

The estrogen levels are pretty predictable in regards to the aromatization of testosterone. you can take a quarter dose aromatase inhibitors and do just fine. However anavar, is an aromatase inhibitor and cortisol blocker. 25 mg of anavar is just scratching the surface for a man. 50 is more reasonable. to overcome bad HDL which is likely due to the testosterone, as well as anavar, you should try to consume 6,000 - 8,000 milligrams of salmon oil daily. use olive oil for cooking. Avoid bad fats when possible. Steroids are definitely catabolic to HDL. You can also help to overcome for cholesterol by increasing cardiovascular exercise. cholesterol like fat is also a fuel source that can be burned. the fact that you’re using HGH can cause an increase in glucose levels as well as insulin resistance if you’re not careful. elevated insulin and glucose lead to elevated levels of cholesterol production in the liver and can also lead to a fatty liver and liver inflammation. just things to consider. I would probably hold off on HGH. or at least until you’re in a more ideal situation. HGH by the way needs to be administered twice per day to keep a better seroma level balance. Ideally you want to take HGH at the lowest possible blood glucose levels. Usually in the morning before you eat and night sometime before you go to bed not having eaten anyting 2 hours prior. I would be interested to know how many units of HGH you were using daily. However ideally you want to do two units in the morning and two units at night.

I guess my question is is why are you on this testosterone therapy? taking anavar and HGH suggest that you are trying to enhance muscle performance. I caution people who consider this path to take it seriously otherwise don’t bother wasting your money or health. There is a lot of responsibility in taking steroids to increase performance.

But if this is all for trt, this is absolutely absurd. testosterone cypionate at200 milligrams per week is more than enough to keep your testosterone levels within a normal range.

Looking at your testosterone blood levels however, I’m actually surprised that they are that low! It’s not to say that you’re not within normal levels but it seems like you have several Avenues you’ve taken to increase blood serum levels of testosterone in your body and all we’re seeing is testosterone in the 600 range? I’m not that impressed with your free testosterone considering what it is you’re taking. Maybe I’m overlooking something but it just doesn’t seem reasonable to be that low. Honestly I would probably just increase the injectable testosterone and re-check your blood and drop everything else. I would cycle the anavar for 8 weeks if your trying to increase in testosterone performance which is very synergistic and enhancing muscle protein synthesis and Recovery.

If I were you I would probably identify your goals and request advice on what it is that you should consider within these forums to get to your end goal or at least some sort of Maintenance level that you’re satisfied with.

Because quite frankly, it borders on irresponsibility to be prescribed what you were prescribed.

Side note, it’s good that you are getting your blood work checked out! That is very important when traveling down this road. It’s the only way to map out a safe and effective outcome.

Best of luck sincerely!

Damn guys I typed things out incorrectly…

I inject 50 mg twice a week, so 100mg total.

I inject 40 ml of HCG, at 6,000 strength - not 6,000 a week.

I think you meant 40 mg ?

40 mL can’t be right. Can you say how much hCG you inject during every injection?

You are correct, 40 mg. It’s 6,000 iu strength. I pull the syringe up to the 40 mg mark, and inject sub Q.

I’m a bit confused, syringes normally show volume (like ml) or international units (I.U.)

And your HCG is 6000 IU per mL.

I mean it’s not that important if it’s 250 or 500 but it would be good to know if it’s at least reasonable.

It’s a 1ml syringe, I fill it to the 40 line, which is 10 less than half way (50).


So you have a 6000iu bottle of HCG.
You must be mixing it with 6ml of water in a separate vial.
At that point, 1ml syringe has 10 unit marks that are called microns. You are drawing out 4 microns/400iu of HCG per injection.

You are then are doing 800iu of HCG per week… Still a bit high.

Also, just curious, why are you doing this stack? Maintenance or performance? If it’s for maintenance, something seems off with your testosterone levels that low on that amount of medication. If it’s for performance, something is way off as well.

You’re absolutely correct - mixed with 6ml of water.

Thanks for letting me know it is 800iu of HCG per week. I can now communicate more clearly, appreciate that!

Re the HCG - I can definitely lower that. My goal is to not lose testicular size AND if needed, I’d like to have my balls working if I have to stop TRT for any reason without having to jump through crazy re-start protocols.

Re the Stack - I did this to lose fat and gain some muscle/strength at the same time. Goal was accomplished although Anavar for 8 weeks was starting to have an effect on me (erection quality, sleep quality, overall not feeling too well…)

I’m continuing the Sermo/Ipamorelin - the benefits have been really nice with fat loss, muscle gain, and looking/feeling pretty good.

The AI I wanted to stop a while back, but continued so that I can see the blood test results based on 0.5 mg a week of AI taken in 0.125 doses (day of and after injection).

My T injections are 50 mg pinned twice a week, so 100mg total T injected.

My scrotal T cream was an attempt from the doc to keep my erection going even with Anavar. My last cycle with Anavar hit my erection again within about 5-10 days of using. This time the T cream did in fact help a bit.

So overall goal was fat loss - done. Muscle gain - done.

Now I take a break. I have Proviron ready to go for my next cutting phase, which I may start in 4 weeks.

Thank you guys. Any further thoughts or suggestions are appreciated! :slight_smile:

Labs look good and if you feel good I wouldn’t change a thing.

Ok. Sounds more reasonable.

Personally, i would have wanted to see higher T values with 200mg pins 2x’s per week.
My concern for T ball gel risks cross contaminating your partner with T.

HGH is good for fat loss if you understand how to go about it. 2iu subQ twice/daily just after a work out and before bed and keeping glucose levels LOW!

HCG effect the pituitary upregulation of LH. 100-200iu twice a week for ball function is perfect. More can be considered for PCT or lag to restart natural production.

Best of luck. Post pics if you got em!