Labs: Not Fake Testosterone, But Why Fatigued

I think you will make a great endo one day! You already have an extensive knowledge at such a young age. Which makes me feel like a real dummy… Once qualified you should come to the UK because we need more progressive endos here. The NHS endo I saw here told me low E2 was not an issue because E2 was a woman’s hormone. And I don’t need to worry about it… My E2 was below 18 pmol/L!

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@mikebarnes actually test can increase both serotonin and dopamine but lower GABA. Also any 19 nor can lower serotonin and dopamine. Now - I’ve seen some patients on TRT present with low serotonin or low dopamine. These neurotransmitters respond to a ton of different feedback loops and hormones in the body so it’s hard to say which one is causing what.

How long have you been off the AI again?

@nerdonroids good input from you man. You know your stuff.

  1. Check thyroid levels
  2. Check carb levels
  3. Check that you aren’t overtraining

interesting, I didn’t know these specifics! Learn something new every day :slight_smile:

@physioLojik thanks for the response, but I think you meant to respond to someone else regarding the AI. Can you comment on the quote above?

Is nonresponse to TRT possible? I mean, no improvement in energy and muscle mass?