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Labs - Low Libido and Sweats

you can see above the Anastrozole is legit and crashed the E2. Not sure if my Proviron is really - didn’t test for DHT but my SHBG is slightly lower than previous blood test

The thyroid blood tests result look a little better. But I think TSH is still low and T4 is low as well. T3 looks good actually I think. Started taking NDT this week -> it’s natural so why not. Also ordered natural dessciated pituitary gland, adrenal, and testes … yes testes. Because … why not.

IGF-1 surprisingly at good level

DHEA-S a bit low but I can live with it

GH - very low!

Gh - took a 10IU shot of HGH and then tested three hours later. YAY! my HGH is legit!

Still waiting for 4xsaliva test of Cortizol and DHEA

Meanwhile, started on Sust250 SubC, back on Proviron and Anastrozole, HGH, NDT, cabergoline, and Danazol - all low doses. Then in a fortnight full strngth Primobolan (400-500mg/week).

Last week my libido was back. But due to stopping meds for a week … it seems a little down again.