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So at some point today (so I’ve been told), I will be receiving my TRT stuff in the mail. I’m a Type 1 diabetic (Juvenile Diabetes), which often corresponds with low T. My doctor has prescribed injecting 250IU 2 times per week, one day after the other. IE Saturday and Sunday I take 250IU of HCG each day, then the T on Mondays, once a week, IM. The T, iirc (haven’t gotten the package with instructions yet) is 100mg/week. Personally, I would like to take the T 2 or even 3 times a week SQ, but am looking for advice here. I’m a T1 diabetic, so shooting up a few more times a week does not scare me, and I’m looking more for something steady and constant rather than large spikes. Any thoughts? Also not sure about the two days of HCG in a row, then 5 days without. I am assuming that this was theorized to help with the slump at the end of the once a week injection recommended.

After two months, the doctor told me to go back from blood work, and we will adjust from there based upon my levels. My latest blood work is here (apologize for the image, but I did not receive it in PDF format):


I have taken T once a week and don’t feel spikes, but if you do, take it half dose twice a week SQ. The consensus around here is twice a week works best, and different guys experiment with different regimens. I have pretty much stuck to twice week SQ and get good results that way. I take HCG twice a week with injection.


Standard advice:
50mg T twice a week or split to E2D
0.5mg anastrozole at time of injections, EOD requires dosing from a liquid
250iu hCG SC EOD

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Many injecting T with #29, 0.5ml, 1/2"
Inject SC/SQ over quads.


Thanks, I read the stickies. This site is fantastic.

Was just trying to fine tune the first two months. Would HCG Sat & Sun followed by 50mg T on Mondays and Thursdays work as a starting point? My doctor is waiting on anastrozole until the follow up session in two months to see if I even need it. Or should I push for an earlier blood test?

I do travel a LOT, and bringing HCG is going to be a nightmare. The Sat/Sun protocol fits my schedule beautifully.




You had E2=18.9 and target on TRT is E2=22pg/ml
You may overshoot that.

Need to know more about you.

Please look at the comments re thyroid and iodine in the stickies. Thyroid controls your energy levels with fT3 acting on mitochondria making ATP


Thyroid has historically been good, but now that I’m checking I can’t find any numbers. I supplement iodide daily (norwegian kelp tablets), as well as selenium (concentrace minerals I put in my water). I’m assuming that E2 is going to go up, especially as I have too much body fat. If I start feeling “off” I can get an earlier followup blood test and check E2 levels sooner.

HbA1C is usually around 4.9 - 5.1.

5’10" (optimistically)
215 lbs
40 years old.



P.S. I appreciate you jumping in and helping out all of these folks as you do every day. I’m sure all noobs to TRT are nervous and need some hand holding, especially with lack of faith in our doctors. Thank you

EDIT: Re-read it seemed like I was distancing myself from the noob catagory. I am firmly entrenched in that catagory, and was including myself in the “these folks” and “noobs” labels :slight_smile:


Just want to confirm some things here. I’ve been proscribed mg of Testosterone Cypionate 1 x per week, IM injection. After 2 months we will check T levels and adjust from there. Switching to a Monday/Thursday SQ injection should not cause any issues, correct? And taking the 250iu on Saturday and 250 more iu on Sunday is acceptable? Sorry to sound like a nervous nelly, but don’t want to **** this up.



So a 6 week update. I had my labs drawn. My T level was 419, my Estradiol was 20.7.

Strangely, for the past two weeks (it was worse a week ago) my nipples were ichy and sensitive, and this despite my low Estradiol levels. Peculiar. Now they are a “little” sensitive, but feel like they are returning to normal. There were no other signs of gyno. I didn’t cry while watching rom-coms any more than I usually do :wink:

The first six weeks were me on a half dose of T. I was taking 50mg 2 x week. Now it is being raised to 100mg 2 x week. The doctor felt it is good to ease into the T program. I’m not in any rush. But my the T I’m taking is doubling - obviously this should help close the gap between my T levels and optimal ones. A future blood test will show how effective the increased T dosage is.

The doctor has added anastrozole - still waiting on the dosage (the doc said it would be the smallest dose possible) - once a week. I’m not sure about that. With the half dose my Estradiol was only 20.7. Doubling it is probably not going to double my Estradiol levels, and I’m more concerned about low Estradiol than I am about high. I might wait on the anastrozole until my itchy nipples get worse or my first blood test in a month. Still noodling that one over.

So far, haven’t noticed too much (physiologically speaking) with the T, but with the half doses I’m basically where I was when I wasn’t taking it, though with slightly lower Estradiol. We’ll see.