Labs: High Total T, Low Free T

On clomid 25 mg a day and 1/4 anastrazole 3x a week.
I did some labs last week… Total T 1000; Free t 8.8 , estradiol 13; LH 8,9
Is this posible or is it a lab error ?
If real , what should i do ?
Many thks

In this situation one suspects?

  • high SHBG, get that tested
  • TT is inflated by SHBG+T, overstating your T status
  • FT is decreased by SHBG+T
  • T production may be low. LH may be low or testes not working very well.

You can test LH/FSH to see that the signals are. Also check AST to eval liver. SHBG is made in the liver. List all medications of odd things about diet/supplements.

Your low E2 is not promoting high SHBG, but low T might be.

So, lab corrected the value of free T from 8,8 to 11,9.
even so, it seems too low for a total T of 1000.
SHBG must be something like 100 for this combo of T.
A silly question … i’ve read that albumin connects to T aswell… I am taking a lot of egg whites (albumin) … Is there a connection ?
before clomid my T was 300 and my free T 9
Only side effect is the longer time to reach an orgasm


Hi, I am on clomid 25 mg 5x a week and anastrazole 0,25 mg, 3x times a week.
Total T 570, estradiol 25 , free T 19 (8-40), SHBG 61 (max 60)
IGF 1 dropped 50% since last year (it was 250, now it’s 120).
Ive tried IF for a month. Lost 8 pounds (6 pound of muscle. Not funny at all).
Cant gain muscle and cant loose fat. Any attempt to gain muscle result in gaining fat, and when I attempt to lose fat results in losing a lot of muscle. All my attempts of losing fat consist in low calorie -low carbs. Presently 202 lbs and 21% bf.
Strenght is the same.
Any ideas? Should i quit clomid to try to increase IGF1.
Which is more important: IGF1 or free testosterone to body comp?