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Labs Evaluation - Need Help

I did bloods months ago and was at 550, wanted to take a standalone Test E cycle for my first cycle, before i did the cycle i did heavy squats 3x a week plus ZMA etc. natural test boosters and did NOT check bloods right before cycle.

It’s now week 4, levels are as follows (im scared of my estro levels and cholesterol levels)

ESTROGENS, TOTAL - 163.7 pg/mL /


How much test are you using.

Androgens have a negative impact on cholesterol, if you actually didn’t know this/ were offput by the fact that a supraphysiologic dose of test threw off you’re cholesterol then you shouldn’t be using steroids. With the fact you’re concerned about cholesterol being off and Estrogen being higher than normal (it does appear a tad out of ratio to you’re testosterone though, I’ll give you that), you should also be concerned about you’re testosterone being too high… (do you understand what I’m getting at here… It’s absurd to think bloodwork will be hunky dorey on cycle, it’s all dependent on genetics and dose) AAS are certainly not without risks, as is evident by you’re bloodwork. What dose are you using, based on these bloods I’d assume between 3-400mg/wk, however due to individual response it could be as much as 2000mg/wk or as little as 100mg/wk, there’s no way to know lol

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I’m using 500mg/week Monday/Thursday. Should I just drop the dosage 250? Should I discontinue test? What would be the best plan to drop this estrogen and have safe test levels?

What AI are you using right now?

Im not using an AI, I had arimadex, nolva, clomid, what should I take? This is my 3rd week an no AI used, I was going to wait until I experience estrogenic side effects but i didn’t.

This is what I think I’m gonna do…

  • Probably go with .5mg ARIMADEX EOD.
  • Stack up on fish oil + coq10 for cholesterol levels to drop plus drop the read meat etc.
  • Take a baby aspirin EOD to thin my blood for the large test level and possible blood thickening.


  1. Drop the test all together
  2. Drop the test dosage to 250 /wk

What’s your diet like right now and what has it been like? Write what you eat everyday.

Are you overweight? What’s your body fat %? (Roughly)

Do you have high blood pressure or symptoms of excess estrogen? If not you’re taking a (rather harsh) pharmaceutical to counteract nothing, and in turn you’re lipids will be further trashed (AI in conjunction with androgens tend to GREATLY exacerbate the negative effect of AAS on lipids, as estrogen is needed for lipid metabolism). Estrogen is also an important for many, MANY other functions in the body (including libido), so if you use an AI and accidentally crash you’re E2 (not hard to do, these drugs are very strong) you’ll have a new set of side effects to worry about.

It seems as if you haven’t done you’re research thoughrouly enough. If you have any questions feel free to ask me though, I’m always happy to answer

I haven’t checked my bodyfat recently. I don’t really watch what I eat too closely either i kind of stuff myself with protein and eat lots of chicken and beef.

Well I would fix your diet and lower body fat. You shouldn’t be using AAS if you don’t follow a good diet IMO. I’m guessing you’re also a Higher body fat than you should be.