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Labs Drawn 12 Weeks In


Ok so planned in running test cypionate 400mg/week 200mg Monday and 200mg Thursday for 15-20 weeks. Decided to tweak plan at week 10 and increase from 400mg/week to 600mg/week, 300mg Monday and 300mg Thursday for rest of cycle. Normal total test levels pre cycle were around 350ng/dL. Just had labs drawn on week 12 currently running the 600mg/week split into Monday/Thursday split. Injection of 300mg was done 9am on Monday and labs drawn the next day (Tuesday) at 11am. Results came back with total test sitting at 1628ng/dL. Curious if this sounds about the right range for dosage and time in cycle?


Testosterone Cypionate dosed at 200mg every 2 weeks for average hypogonadal male, the total testosterone curve shows a peak of around 1250ng/dl approximately 24-48 hours after injection ,1000ng/dl around day 4 after injection ,800ng/dl 7 days after injection, 600ng/dl 10 days after injection , and baseline about 14 days after injection. This is (TRT). Trt always tests at ‘Trough’ usually 7 days, just before your next injection… But your not doing a Trt protocol…

At what you were dosing, split week, my thought you should be 2600-2800 ng/dl.
You tested at ‘Peak’ and the correct time (morning). I do the same split /3.5 days at 200mg, total of 400mg per week. I do LC/MS/MS around my 50 day 'mid-cycle, I am always 2600ng/dl-2800ng/dl…
Using Watson Pharma Testosterone… My thought is your using ‘UGL’ testosterone, and it is under dosed…
My thought ,maybe someone else will chime in.


I should also have mentioned that I am taking 15mg of LGD-4003(ligandrol) daily. So my thought is that the SARM’s being an androgen receptor is litigating the testosterone more effectively thus a lower total test level?


I just got my blood work back, I run 320mgs of test p a week and my total test was at 1500.


Seems low

When i cruise i do 125mg test e 2 x a week. It’s pharma so correctly dosed.

Bloods done the day after injection put my levels at 1450ng/dl, which is unfortunately as high as the test goes so my levels are higher than that.


My thinking is that the SARM’s are acting like a test carrier and utilizing the test more efficient which would result in a lower overall total test level. Am I correct in thinking this?


I have no idea really but that doesn’t sound right - You’re suggesting that SARMs are causing you to metabolize the testosterone faster?


Is your Testosterone Pharma or UGL , I can’t see SARMS lowering total test levels…


Testosterone is from SP Laboratories and the reason I say the SARM’s is lowering test levels is because I have read a few clinical studies on LGD-3033 and subjects using the LGD-3033 had lower test levels during trial than before, as well as control group who had really no change in test levels. From what I take from that is the SARM’s being an androgen modifier is makes the receptors in muscle and bone more androgenic. This is why SARM’s display similar effects as anabolic steroids. So my take away from those studies is that when you combine SARM’s with testosterone the receptors in muscles and bone are creating a greater attraction for the testosterone allowing it to be utilized more efficiently. If that make sense to anyone or is it just me?