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Labs Came Back

Just got my labs back.

I am currently on 7.5 gr androgel, 25 mg dhea 2 x a day, 3.5 drops liquidex, 50 mg 7 keto.

Total testosterone 675

Free tesosterone 7.9.

PSA 1.2

Estradiol 39

I have been taking either 3 or 4 drops of liquidex per day (average 3.5) and 6 pumps of androgel 2 x a day.

I plan on going to 10 grams of androgel.

How much more liquidex should I be taking in order to get my estradiol down to where it should be…I don’t want to cry at every sentimental movie I see.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Bump for Ksman… :slight_smile:

Theoretically speaking of course, if you increase your free testosterone by 25% you should increase your adex dosage the same amount to keep homeostasis. But, since your E2 is already 77% higher then “optimum” then the formula would be or 7.1 drops of l-dex a day. Make sense?

OP: Please edit your original post with units and ranges.
You should feel a huge difference with the new adex dosing. Expect changes in 10-14 days.

Assuming a target of serum E2=22pg/ml

KNB has the mechanics for the calc, but had one factor incorrect.

New dose adex for old T dose: 3.5 * 39/22 = 6.02

New dose adex for new T dose: 6.02 * 10/7.5 = 8.27. -try 8

increasing T from 7.5 --> 10 is a factor of 10/7.5 = 4/3 = 1.333 -33%

Next labs, adjust adex as above if needed.

You’re right. My days of retail markup must have gotten in the way and caused my bad calc.
Thank you for the clarification, the answer is 8, not 7.

Thanks guys…appreciate the help.