Labs Came Back, Not Sure What to Do?

Hi guys!

Long time lurker here. Been having low T symptoms for too long. Decided to get them check many times in the last 3 years. Will post labs a bit under.

Been consulting few docs in Montreal, but for some reason, they always say that being on the bottom range is absolutely normal. It is frustrating because I feel like I’m not feeling optimal and always seems to be lagging…

My symptoms are:

Low energy
Low motivation
Bad sleep
No libido
Brain fog

Here are my labs through the years

Labs from July 2019

Next are a couple months after, doc told me to test 3 months later

Doc told me I was normal and didn’t want to actknowleged my symptoms and told me it was all in my head, got prescribed Wellbutrin, didn’t use it.

Next labs are 2 weeks ago. I went to a private doc, hoping he would be more open about potential use of TRT if results would be low… here are the labs

My TSH levels are high by forums recomendations, test is obviously low too, explains why I feel like shit. Docs in Montreal Canada never test more than TSH which is frustrating.

He told me to take a test booster that contains DAA and Tongkat Ali. I’m very sceptic about those supplements, they might provide a small boost, but I doubt it will make even a small difference.

About me, my name is Alex, I used to train alot in my 20’s, but now, I’m basicly MTBing 4-5 days a week. Lots of biking, I’m relatively in shape, 180 lbs, 10% bodyfat.

Diet is clean as a whistle, used to count macros by the grams, now, I meet my protein goal and focus on a lot of carbs, and 100g fat every day.

I’d like to have you guys advice… I’m on the verge to self medicate as no docs want to help it seems.

Thanks guys, this forum has golden info, and I’ve been reading for months on end, which is why I’m willing to jump the fence for self TRT knowing everything that comes with it.

Rather than use Wellbutrin, I would take testosterone. Your levels are normal. That is your numbers are within particular ranges deemed as “normal”. By lab standards, free testosterone of 279 is normal, so is a free testosterone level of 879. You pick which “normal” you want to be.

I did not catch your age, 30s, 40s? Regardless, none of that looks normal.

You’ll have to find a way to get on testosterone. I understand it is not particularly easy in Canada. Good luck moving forward.

There aren’t to many guys that would feel good at these Total T and Free T levels. Canada is one of the most difficult places to get TRT.

If you were in the US you would easily qualify for TRT <300.

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Thanks for the answer.

I’m 30 years old. I’ll continue checking for private clinics that are tagged as Anti-Aging Clinic, but if that fails, I seriously consider going for the self medicate route.

Only problems that bugs me with self treatement, is having access for Test for life and travelling with Test without Rx.

I know it’s hard in Canada. The Doc I work with saw all my previous labs, and made me pass the last labs I linked in the OP.

He seems open to work with me, never mentionned it though. What bugs me is that he has me waiting for 3 months to check again for T, free T and Bio Avail T, after recommending me a Test Booster that contains DAA, Tongkat Ali, Maca, etc.

I guess he wants to check if things get better with the Test Booster before going the TRT route.

Let me be sceptical! Haha

I hate the fact that I have to wait 3 months again, but I guess I’ll just bite the bullet and wait and hope he does something about it after those 3 months.

Anyways, I’m glad for you guys that it is more accessible for in the US, I wish I could start to feel better too, don’t we all want to live a happy life? :slight_smile:

These so-called testosterone boosters do not “boost testosterone”, they create a better environment that if testosterone is going to increase it will.

If your doctor was satisfied with your testosterone levels being normal, he wouldn’t keep testing you, instead he would say you’re fine and that would be the end of it.


So I went to a private Anti Aging clinic, after talking to the nurse for an hour reviewing my previous labs and asking many questions about me, she decided to put me on pharmacy Compound Cream.

The dosage is 120mg/0.5ml (each pump) which I apply to my balls once per day in the morning. She told me to rub it on my forearms, but I’ve read alot about it and just rub it on my scrotom since the absorbtion is way better down there.

I was pushing for injections a lot, even when the Doctor came in to check everything at the end. Even the Doc said to start with the cream, didn’t want to start injection either.

It’s been 3 weeks on the cream at 120mg per day, and so far, it’s been OK. Erections are OK, libido so-so, I don’t need the Cialis now, feels like I have more energy, but too soon to tell I guess, even though the cream acts fast.

I wrote to the nurse this week that for multiple reasons, I really wanted to switch to injections, since I don’ want to risk the transferance to my GF, but she hasn’t answer back, which I’m affraid I might be too pushy and that she’d get annoyed.

So I have a new blood work order next week that will check my test level on T-Cream, as well as a full thyroid hormone panel, which I’m more than happy, because even the Nurse said that my high TSH value was not normal. They will also check Vit D, DHEAS, cortisol AM, Progesterone and E2.

She wrote my cream script for 6 months and told me that the reason is that she is willing to work woth me “long term” (not quite what she said, but something along those lines)

Am I being too impatient to get the bloodwork on cream, and than hop on UGL Test while still pushing for injections, or should I wait longer to see if they will eventually prescribed Test?

I just don’t want to spin my wheels with the cream that I don’t really want in the long run.

Thanks guys

So what is the nurse gets annoyed, you are a paying customer and if this clinic doesn’t deliver on services it’s time to cut them loose. If you don’t feel comfortable on creams do to transferring to your GF, by very assertive and don’t back down.

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Hey guys, little update.

Got my labs after being on the compounded cream for 5 weeks. Dosage is still 120mg per day, applied to scrotum once daily in the morning. So far, I’ve been feeling OK I guess.

The only thing that sucks is that the cream doesn’t absorb well in my skin and leaves a yellow residue, because of the added Chrysin in the cream (that acts as an AI). It’s Versa-base, so it shouldn’t be hard to be absorbed by the skin.

Everything came back normal except for TSH, I don’t know how to explain this.

Labs were taken at 7 am, and I wanted to test low on Test and Free Test, so I didn’t apply in the morning before getting my blood drawn, I applied the cream before bed at 10pm the day before. So the Test and Free Test is 9 hours post application.

The reason I did this was to score low on Test levels to have a little bit of a lever to push for injections. I guess it failed haha

So here are the labs.

I wanted to have some of you guys feedback before meeting with the Doc/Nurse.

Personally, I would just watch your TSH and not jump on anything yet as you have only been on Test for 5 weeks. I remember reading someone on here said their TSH jumped up when they first started TRT and then it came back down. Your body is still adjusting to the new hormone levels and may have had a cascade effect that is affecting other hormones. I would give it a few more weeks and see if it drops back down after your body reaches a more stable state. Otherwise I think your levels look pretty decent just watch your TSH and your thyroid antibodies as they are on the higher end as well.

You need to give this clinic an ultimatum, injections or you’ll cancel treatment and go somewhere else.

Find danny bossa, he can help you find someone or make a post here saying “Help me find a TRT doctor in Canada”. im sure someone from canada or your area will find it and respond.

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Sup guys! Little update!

So yesterday (friday), I had a follow up consult with the last set of labs I’ve done with the cream.

I still tried to push for injections, repeating all the same shit I was telling them from the beginning (risk of transferance, unreliable test levels during the day, the fact that you never absorb the same amount daily, the PITA to apply cream that barely dries even if applied correctly, not being able to touch of make out with my girl for 2-3 hours after application, etc.) They still refused saying that I was responding well to the cream since my hormones levels were good.

They sent a new prescription to the pharmacy, they kept the same dosage for the cream, but added DHEA in pill form, and a thyroid supplement.

I was burning hot while listening to her shit going on and on. I had the feeling I would be turning my wheels with them…

Luckily for me, I had an appointment on the same day yesterday, with a private Uro I was reffered to on a Facebook page.

Went there, showed all my labs, told him I wanted injections and Voila! No questions asked, the Doc was super chill, very open!

He started me on 100mg/wk, no HcG since I want to dial-in on test only.

So happy! Can’t wait to see the results!

So for you guys looking for TrT, it’s worth it shopping for a good doc, it might costs you money at first, but once you find one, it’s all good!

Thanks guys, you all gave good advice, and looking for a new place was the best thing I did since seeking treatment!

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