Labs Are In. Looking for Advice. 42 Yrs Old

42 yrs old Started t replacement 1 yr ago labs are in and most looks good but good cholesterol is low and extremely low vitamin D. Estrogen is quite high at 53.5 thoughts on blockers?

Add vitamin D supplements. How do you feel? Any nipple issues? Otherwise, high Estrogen in the presence of high Test is not a issue. If you are having nipple issues, then consider Nolvadex which is a SERM and blocks E at the breast tissue receptor sites but still allows the benefits of Estrogen to work in your body.

No issues other then water retention.

Also type 2 diabetes so the high estrogen screws with that and my ac1

Read this article by our resident Endo/BBer/TRT Doc before you make any decisions on estrogen blockers

Also know that the majority of trt specialists DO in fact watch E2 numbers and don’t let them run wild like the guy above.

I would attempt to change you protocol before resorting to AI’s, no reason to take them if it can be avoided.

What is your TRT protocol and where are all other labs?

Lets see em.

Edit: Also, how are your feeling? Body comp? Any symptoms remain or new?

Your protocol is most certainly to blame for these lab results. I’m guessing you are injecting large doses infrequently.

I inject 20mg EOD, most men do well on 50mg twice weekly.

Please explain per week

What are the mgs? 1ml is the volume of medicine, it’s either 100mg or 200mg.


That more than explain why you are having problems, SHBG levels can be a guide to nailing down a good protocol. Lower SHBG men tend to do better on more frequent dosing, my SHBG is 22 and I do better on injections 18-20 EOD which see my free T at the top of the ranges while my CBC labs are ideal. Some guys do well on 50mg twice weekly and a some once weekly.

You labs indicate your protocol is wrong for you, the CBC lab results hint at it.

So need to drop to a lower level and try twice a week?