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Labs Are In, Any Help Appreciated

Well it took a solid week but I finally got my labs back. Any help with advice is appreciated. Looks like I need to start my AI (Anastrazole)? Any help with dosage suggestion to start with is appreciated. A quick review of my stats is enclosed. These labs were done 2 days post shot.
Weight: 214
Height: 5-10

TRT Dose: 0.5ml every 5 days of 1ml/200mg test cypionate
Other supps include fish oil, multi vit, BCAA, Whey protein, and ZMA at night.

Thanks for any help.

First, you are on a weird dosing schedule. For our purposes, 100mg every 5 days equates to 140mg per week. Any reason you don’t just inject every 3.5 days? Just doing that sq would slightly reduce your E2.

Two options:

1- simultaneously reduce total T dose and add Adex. At these FT levels you may run into hematocrit troubles down the road. So, possibly reduce total T to 120mg/wk and add 0.5mg of Adex twice weekly.

2- keep T dose the same and just add 1mg Adex/wk in divided doses.

Either way, you’ll need labwork to confirm in a month or so.

Thanks Nash, yeah the dosage rate is weird because I’m actually trying to figure out what the best dosage amount and time frame are for me. I’m only 5 months in and have had 4 labs done. I have never tried sub q injection. Is it better because of slower and steadier release rate? Ive only done IM injection. What are advantages, what size pen?

The advantages of sq are several. One is slower, steadier release. Two is no pain and no holes in muscles. Slower release = less E2. As does more frequent injections because your introducing lower amounts of T.

I use insulin syringes. Drawing the oil takes a couple of minutes and injection time is a tad longer, but no pain and no holes in my muscles. Super convenient. I can’t imagine any drawback to sq and more frequent injections.