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Labs After Discontinuing TRT

Follow up on my discontinuation of TRT.

To keep it short - when I was 24, my total T tested at 159 (264-916) on an afternoon blood test (wasn’t knowledgeable on T at the time and the importance of a morning test).

I was Put on Test cyp/hcg for 4 years or so with a brief intermission on clomid. I felt good but had a lot of concerns about being on for life and I couldn’t seem to get my BP under control despite having normal HCT the whole time.

I discontinued TRT about 14 or so weeks ago and did a HCG then nolva “restart” if you even want to call it that.

At 6 weeks off everything except supplements, here is my blood work:
Total T: 422 (264-916)
Free T: 51 (52-280) LOW
SHBG: 54.7 (15-55)
Estrogen: 13 (11-44)
Lh: 1.7 (.6-12)
Fsh: 2.3 (.9-12)

SHBG has never been below ~53 in the last 5 years so I realize my free T will be negatively impacted there.

I was with defy due to my doc being incompetent but went back to a university doctor due to $$ concerns. She is likely not going to treat this as the total T number looks ok which is what she seems to be concerned with.

I’m going to set up another consult with defy but what are y’all’s thoughts?

So you’re getting back on?

I don’t know why you were expecting anything different, I saw this coming a mile away. The LH is a better indicator of T status when SHBG is high and primary hypogonadism is ruled out.

I remember a guy with Defy once was on cypionate/cottonseed and couldn’t control his blood pressure, switched to a different carrier oil and his blood pressure normalized. You just need to figure out what is causing the high blood pressure.

I wonder if this university doctor realizes Total T is inactive and the the Free T is what truly matters. I mean she’s at a university so…

Don’t know yet - I actually don’t feel terrible.

I have a friend with TT in the 200-300 range and his sex drive seems healthier than mine at nearly 1000 TT. Everyone’s different.

Personally when I dipped into the 400s, I thought my life was ending.


And there it is………

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I felt terrible a few weeks ago but it has since improved.

Tamoxifen was extremely hard on me. I don’t know how people tolerate that medication - it made me feel like death all around. It made me useless in bed, unable to sleep, unable to work out.

Ever since discontinuing that, I have slowly begun to improve. However, my joint pain has recently become an issue and is currently my biggest complaint.

Shocking news here folks. Everyone take note