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Labs After 6 Weeks on TRT- Help?


Split 100mg dose into 50mg twice a week before doing what your doing. Your SHBG is relatively low.

No wonder your TT is 400 at the end of the week.

Your asking for trouble injecting more frequently and with a higher dose, with a SHBG of 22


Can you explain why you would not recommend increasing my dose because of my SHBG? Estrogen issues or?


Low SHBG men targeting high normal testosterone will encounter problems with estrogen, you ability to hold onto testosterone is limited, however estrogen remains in the body far longer than testosterone. People seem to focus on Total T and ignore Free T, the stuff that makes the magic happen.


Gotcha. So my t level on 100mg per week was 450ish but that was one a single dose once a week. Do you think it would be much better to do 100mg split into 2 doses? Will my gym performance go down if I reduce my dose from 125 to 100? Honestly I haven’t felt amazing at any point since starting. I have felt a little better but nothing great


Splitting the dose may actually increase your testosterone more than when you were Injecting a single dose even if using less.

You may actually need to go a bit below 100 if splitting in 2. But start at 50x2 redo labs or see how you feel after a few weeks. Then see if you need to adjust up or down. Probably you will stay the same or need to go down because of your low shbg.


The reason TRT wasn’t working for you was because you were injecting once a week with a 22 SHBG.

Basically, at the end of the week your were back to LOW T, and feeling like shit. So a yo yo effect.

If you keep it stable, by injecting twice a week, your TT will probably get up into the 6-700 range, and e2 might go up slightly. It was at 29, so maybe 30-31. I have felt normal all the way up to 31 E2, on non sensitive test.

Basically 100mg once week wasn’t cutting it. So you SHOULD increase frequency, should put you in a perfect range.

You are choosing to increase frequency AND dose, (by quite a bit) with a lower SHBG. Your asking for e2 problems.

Do once change at a time. I think splitting the dose into 50mg twice a week will work perfectly for you, seeing how you reacted on once a week.


@alphagunner is right on with his post. Clear and concise. Alpha is indeed an Alpha man and feeling like it. I love it. lol.


Btw the hammer grip pullups using my door bar, feel much better. Thanks dude. I feel pumped!


I also want to point out that my SHBG was 22.5 AFTER I was injecting 100mg for 7 weeks. Not sure if that makes a difference


I doubt it.

TRT CAN and does lower SHBG, but not by very much, and it takes a long time. It has never “lowered” mine or many others still with high shbg.


Everything I told you is still relevant.


Some guys have seen an increase in SHBG after starting TRT do to insulin resistance lowering SHBG.


My shbg lowered. I started with it at 28 and it’s now down to 23.


That could be a natural fluctuation.


It could be, but it’s probably more likely due to being on trt.

@alphagunner: If going low with my e2 doesn’t pan out, and I want to try to raise it, how do I do so WITHOUT upping test dosage or going back to one a week shots? (it’s already around 860).



You will have to figure that one our on your own man. I’m sorry, I don’t have any experience with either of those.

I have heard people say that DHEA raised their estrogen though.