Labs After 6 Months, Supraphysiologial Levels. Reduce Dose?

I’m feeling great, but I believe it’s not sustainable to maintain supra physiological levels. Should I reduce my dose to 120mg/wk? Any suggestion/advice would be appreciated.
Couldn’t test for pregnenolone due to insurance not covering, and it’s very expensive.

Thanks, guys!

If it were me I’d pay less attention to the total
T levels at the minute and reduce your dose to bring your E2 back into range. High Estradiol is often associated with high blood pressure, acne and prostate issues to name a few.

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That would depend on BP, CBC, lipids, overall health markers. As an aside, if your 150mg EOD is 50mg at a time, that’s actually 175mg per week (on average). If you lower your dose, keep that in mind