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Labs After 3mo of KSman's Protocol


i'm 42 6'0 195lbs this all started 6 months ago when i was just not feeling right, tired all the time, etc...
so my dr started me on 200 mg test cip one injection per month. felt great for a week then down again. switched to 200 mg every 2 weeks then tested levels after 2 weeks without an injection.

my test levels were lower than when i started and my LH and FSH were near zero. my dr freaked out and ask me to stop everything and retest in 3 months. that's when i found this site and started reading and decided to try KSman's protocol.

so here's where i'm at, i've been doing .25 ml injections of test e 250 mg/ml 2 X per week (sun and thur) or about 100-125 mg per week. HCG 250 iu EOD and arimidex 1mg per week in 2 doses.

just had blood work done last week on tuesday morning, i had injected .25 ml test e sunday night.

my free test was 416.7 normal range 35 - 155
my total test was 1457 normal range 250 -1100

i was hoping for a total test in the range of 800 - 1000.

i feel great, other than some shoulder issues that i attribute to trying to lift like i was 20 again.

any advice would be greatly appreciated.


STOP chasing numbers.....

if you feel great, don't have any life limiting symptoms and don't have any blood tests that are showing health concerns, then STOP trying to tweak things.

Just enjoy that it is working (and hopefully will continue working)

please keep monitoring and getting periodic blood tests and make sure to test TSH, cortisol, E2, etc.


His free test is 3x the upper range, and he didn't provide any bloodwork that indicates this isn't an issue (what are liver values? comp metabolic panel? estrogen?)...

I agree that chasing numbers is not the answer, but IMO being that high above the range is not healthy for long term...

OP: you should probably knock your T dose down considerably....what were your other blood values?


good catch. I missed that, so yes some additional tests like SHBG might be in order. and confirming hemocrit, hemoglobin, etc.


sorry, should have included other labs, all are normal range except my white blood cell count was 3.7, normal is 3.8 to 10.0

and my FSH AND LH are below normal, of course.

my doc did not request an E2 test so i don't know that one.

my plan is to continue the arimidex and HCG but cut my test e dose in half. and redo labs in 3 months. i'm going to try doing 50- 60 mg per week with a once per week dosing and see what happens


"normal" range vs ideal range are two completely different things.

please read the blood test sticky. I believe there are some ideal ranges (according to a couple of intranet doctor sources - no idea how valid they are)


When talking CMP and Hematology, they are pretty much one in the same