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Labs After 3 Months on 250mg Sustanon/Wk

Hey guys. I neee some help. Labs are done after 3 months on 250mg sustanon a week. Bloods are from the day when of shot. I think to miss this week shot and to make it every 2nd week.

What do you specifically need help with?

How to manage the dose to have optimal levels of test and estrogen, because i fell that i am not in optimal condition right now. I will wait to next wednesday and i will go for new labs. After that i want to decide what dose and how frequent to inject.

Sustanon requires more frequent injection to have any kind of stability. Your numbers will look better and you’ll feel better with more frequent administration.

Doesn’t that depend on dose? I thought it was designed to take like once every 10 days or something like that (designed for TRT). I think it is a stupid, overcomplicated product myself, but I am not sure frequent dosing makes sense in all applications.

If i changed to enanthate 2 shots per week 150mg total is it good ?

Good for what? TRT probably, cycle would be a waste of time, and actually be negative IMO, since you have guaranteed negatives with likely no positives.

Yeah for trt not for cycle.

Might or might not be good. You will need blood work, and it is best to go off of symptoms to an extent. IMO, 150 mg/wk split twice is a great starting point.

So i inject 250 mg before one week. How much time to wait before i change to enanthate ?

It was designed as a way to make money from a patent on a drug that was unable to be patented.

When you plot out release for the clinical dosing guidelines it’s a bloody mess. The fluctuations are way too severe when you consider that alternatives are available. If it was the only thing you could get? Yeah, we’d live with it. But in the current world the wealth of choices makes it obsolete.

Yeah i take it because is from pharmacy. I could try to take pharmacy enanthate from country next to mine.

But for now i have 10 more amp of sust and i will use them. I think to inject 50mg mon, wed and fri , total 150. Is it good ? And after i buy enanthate i will start it x2 week.

MWF would be much better, yes.

Hmm so i will try that . I think to wait to next week or to start this ?

Usual TRT for sustanon is 250mg every 2 weeks. It can be a bit of a bitch at first until it reaches a stable level after a month or so. Once the long esters in the test mix that is sustanon kick in then frequency of the injections doesn’t matter much.

250mg/week is not TRT, its a small cycle. You want to do that, fine, its just not TRT, and you will need to keep a closer look at bloods, blood pressure, heart over a long period of time to make sure your staying healthy.

What makes you feel not optimal? Side effects that you can tangibly describe, please?

Brain fog, fatigue, weak erections and low libido, mood changes. I take dbol 10mg a day too and i feel better. But i stop it from 2 weaks i think.

So you think if i take one full 250 shot every 2 weeks it will be better ?

Are you taking an aromatase inhibitor, eg arimidex ?

In all honesty you will probably feel better with 250mg/week, its just a higher than a doctor would prescribe for TRT, due to long term safety.
If you decided to change to a lower dose of 250mg every 2 weeks you won’t notice the difference for a while, maybe 2 months before your test levels return to normal range.
Even then the levels will be stable.

Even if you drop back to 250mg/2weeks you can always blast occasionally. Say 3months of trt dose, then 3 months of 250mg or more per week, or add another steroid as well.

Nope i use only test and 10mg dianabol( i feel better when i take it ) but i stop dbol before 2 weeks. So i will go next wednesday for new bloods to see levels after 14 days and i will try 250mg per 14days.