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Labrum Tear

That is what the doctor told me after looking at my MRI’s.

Does anyone here have experience with this type of injury that they can share? I know the outcome depends on many facors but, generally speaking, what can i expect in the coming months ahead and will my shoulder ever be the same?

huh?? expand please

im injured too :slight_smile:


Whoops, sorry. The mod changed my title. I basically tore a lot of labrum on my left shoulder. The doctor said it was “shredded”. Never dislocated it before, hope to never in the future but was wondering what peoples thoughts are this type of injury.

Labrum tears seem to be sort of less explored topic when it comes to shoulder injuries and from what i can tell detection of them has only recently gotten more precise.

I am a mountain biker and a lot of what i do is all upper body; lots of yanking on the bars and, at times, taking some falls. With proper work for the muscles that stabilize the shoulder can i expect to get back to pre-injury comfort/strength or is this the kind of thing that will really need surgery to repair? Thanks

I tore my labrum by playing lacrosse and suffering numerous dislocations during that time. The MRIs did not show a tear, but then a sports surgeon here at Nebraska was able to deduce that I had a tear during a simple exam.

When dealing with tears, I think it is generally a good idea to get the surgery, especially if you are young. The labrum is sort of unique in that it will never heal on its own unless the doctor pulls it back down onto the bony surface from which it came. I had the unfortunate situation where I also had a slap tear in my biceps tendon.

Basically, I had the surgery in December '05 and I was back to about 90% in May '06 and to 100% in July '06. You have to take it easy to begin with when getting back to the weights. I did a lot of single-arm DB work and still do. I can’t really do full ROM benches, so I do a lot of board presses and floor presses.

I say get the surgery. It is a bitch at first for sure, but you’ll be happy you did it eventually. That is especially true if you don’t have damage to your biceps tendon, which still bothers me to this day.

The biggest thing you will have to get used to is being mindful of your injury. I tore my right labrum when I was 17 (25 now)while in college I was stupid about it and suffered many dislocations(cumulative total roughly 15 times in the 8 years since the injury)…It wasn’t until the past couple of years of really paying attention to proper warm up, stretching, and prehab exercises that it has felt a lot more solid.

That being said, I do not think my shoulder will ever be the same as it was before the tear. Still can’t let it fly when throwing a football or baseball like I used to which sucks but it is a liveable injury.

I tore mine wresling last July. I stopped working out entirely for three weeks and went to physical therapy for a while, which seemed to help it. The only things that seem to bother it are the bottom range of a bench press and dips- strangely, the overhead press does not. Mine recovered without the surgery to the point where I can live with it, but it wasn’t that bad of a tear to begin with.