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Labrum Surgery and Chest Assymetrical

About two years ago I had surgery on my right shoulder to fix my torn labrum. I think as a result of the tightening of my right shoulder my right pec now has better contraction and is much bigger than my left pec. I was wondering if anyone has the same problem? I also have a very hard time isolating my left pec and nothing seems to be helping it catch up. It feels as if every movement, whether machines, dumbbells, barbells or flies all hit the right side much more directly. For a while I was doing extra sets on my left side but that backfired when my left front delt and tricep started to develop more than on my right side since they were doing more work.

Its a really insecure attribute of my physique and I’d love some suggestions or solutions! Thanks.

I have the exact same problem. Bankart Repair for labrum and it’s my right pec. I have just found T-Nation and have been looking for stuff to help. So far I have found that using a LAX ball on your chest for Self MFR helps also I found some stretches.