Labral Tear, Slight Tear in Gluteus Medius

After almost 2 years of right hip pain, physical therapy and cortizone shots, I finally got a good MRI done. I have a Labral tear and a slight tear in the tendon from Gluteus Medius to my hip. Anyone have any experience with this injury and treatment?

Get an X-ray also. I have FAI which caused a labral tear in my hip. A surgery shaved the bone down and removed some of the damaged labrum. If you don’t have the impingement then the surgery would basically be the same thing, without the bone shaving.

From what I know of, labral tears aren’t going to heal themselves. Live with it or get surgery. Recovery isn’t horrible, im 3 months post op and i still can’t lift but my day to day life isn’t effected much. I have a thread called “19 with FAI” on here you can check out, I don’t know how much info it can give you especially since I don’t know if you actually have FAI, but it has some info.

I dod have an x-ray done twice. There is not a serious issue with the joint yet. There will be down the road with the joint, but not yet.