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Laborious Job But with a Gym Membership

Hey coach , I asked about how to train aroun a laborious work, I was wonder now I have a dip station, plus pull up station and a hand loading leg press plus slot of cable and machine stations how I could add those to my routine. It’s a planet fitness it’s close hense why I got it, is that a lace to use 350 method ,plus they do have dumbbells up to sixty pounds , once again sorry for long question believe me I hate em to lol thank you

Dude that’s plenty of stuff. Just use what is available to you and make it work my man.

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Dips, smith bench (flat/incline/decline), DB Bench (use slow eccentrics, rest-pause, dropsets to compensate for the low weight), and cable flys (all angles) for chest.

Pull-ups (all grips), cable rows, Smith BB rows, DB rows, inverted rows on the smith machine, pullover machine, row machine for back.

Leg extension, Bulgarian split squats, smith machine squats (especially 1.5’s, or with heels elevated on plates) for quads

One legged SLDLs or Smith RDLs and machine leg curls or leg curls hanging off a bench with the DB between your feet for hams.

DB raises from all angles, DB/smith presses for shoulders.

You can make a killer routine based around any of those exercises. Pick 2-3 per bodypart, do them once per week. Find a weight you can do for 8 reps, do 2 sets. First set straight, second set with intensity technique like 50% dropset. When you hit 12 reps with your first set, up the weight.

Planet fitness might attract a certain type of client and have a business model that is more geared towards making money than making people genuinely healthy, but anyone who tells you you can’t get a good workout with all the equipment they have in a planet fitness gym is an idiot.

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Brian shaw did a video wher ehe goes in to a couple planet fitness to get thrown out. He isn’t doing anything beyond using equipment, which he maxes out, grunting a little and being 6’9” 450lbs. He gets thrown out of one off camera and it was simply for them recording.

At the end they set up the insanely stupid giant set where they’re jumping machine to machine doing 1 rep on each one of like 12 machines and don’t get thrown out for that.

As an organization all they want is to get ppl on a recurring auto draft month to month and they hope they never see or hear from you again.


They also have a pending lawsuit for sexual harassment due to corporate apparently making people chug fireball during weekdays, or something along those lines. They obviously suck, and I pay 3x their monthly dues to go elsewhere even though I have one so close I could almost throw a rock and hit it from my house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go and slay the shit out of yourself there. I enjoy the atmosphere and the sounds of a real gym, to include the clanging metal and grunts, but if your only goal is to be big and strong and you only have a planet fitness to do it at, you’re a-ok as long as you don’t train like most of the people there.

I didn’t know about that.

Man I’m same way atmosphere is half of it for
Me. Love the sound of old iron plate rattling. I have a home gym now but I miss the gym atmosphere all the time. I worked out in a gym called Arkansas muscle for a while. There’s a top lifter “Logan Chapman “ that lifts out of there and he’s a monster. In any case that gym has one of the most raw atmospheres I’ve ever been in. You won’t see spin or yoga classes going on there.

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