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Labor Union / Obamacare



Even the people who voted for him and turning on him.


This sums up this bill. People ate it hook line and sinker.


A small hijack, just to marvel at how much labor union president James P Hoffa...


...looks like former labor union president James R Hoffa. I don't think Jimmy disappeared at all. He just cloned himself.


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I have maintained all along the only answer is socialized medicine. Get our health care out of the hands of people that do not know how to treat their fellow humans . I know the government might only be marginally better


I heard Bob Beckel talk about all this is is a charade to get another 5 year extension. Unions yell and scream till they get what they want. Will the Libtards turn their back on the Unions? I doubt it.


Libtard ? Unions were a terrible thing. 40 hour work week , Health care as we know it today or at least yesterday. vactions . Minimum wage , child labor . Orgaqnized labor was the best freind the middle class had .

The right wing buys the shit that American Business (Which is now a person and people) are some how under fire from the lazy man and there must be a lot of them because middle class is shrinking and welfare ready population is growing


Libtards are the Politicians.


any relations to conservatards ?


Libtards flows better than conservatards. Tea Baggers is much better.


Yes, cause history is replete with examples of governments failing to abuse their citizens and always doing what is best for them.


If you were to consider Public Health as Infrastructure , it would be the only way to go . I am all for free enterprise but not for the sake of enterprise but for the sake of the consumer