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Labor Job and Protein Shakes

Should i drink a protein shake with my lunch? I lift windshields all day and work 6 days a week, I usually train about 4 times a week. I get anywhere between 2500- 3000 calories a day and work out moderately hard, but I’m on a pretty tight budget so I’m not trying to buy protein every week. Would consuming it during the day with my lunch (about 3 hrs before my workout) be more beneficial than directly after my training? Im afraid that I’d just piss it all out before it can be properly injested. Any help would he appreciated, thanks

Drink it whenever IF you need it to meet your needs. Timing is irrelevant.

If you’re on a tight budget, have whole food (protein, carbs, and fats) during the day and a protein-carb shake when you train. This explains why.

this number doesn’t mean much on its own without knowing your height, weight, bodyfat estimate (chubby or lean), current goal, and recent progress.

That’s not how protein, or the human body, works.