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Labor Intensive Job and Lifting

I own my own construction company and I’m 100% involved in the physical part of the day with the guys. Building, lifting, carrying, etc. I’m having trouble at the end of my day staying on schedule with my workouts. I was wondering if a legal steroid like D-Bal would be a good idea. And if I did decide to try it, does a labour intensive job help show more progress in terms of my body? Thanks for your time, I appreciate it.

:man_facepalming:t5: No. It’s not a steroid and nothing but snake oil.

I understand your work is super hard and trying to work out after is super tough; I wouldn’t want to try myself.

Maybe you should consider working out before the work day?

FWIW, until you can get your workouts and diet dialed for several years please don’t consider actual steroids. However, you may want to consider seeing your doctor about your natural testosterone level and if Hormone Replacement Therapy is for you.

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I have never tried steroids but so can only give my opinion on training

I might not be the best guy to take advice from but, I have been doing manual labor for years. So here is my opinion. I found I get the best results putting my hardest workouts at the end of the week like Thursday thru Sunday. Also adjust things to what you need. Like if you use your back all day, go easy on body part.

As far as the labor being a benefit, I think it is and isn’t. Like my shoulders are over powered compared to my other body parts and what do you know? I use them everyday at work pressing things above my head. So now I never directly train them in the gym and they remain to grow.

Just remember there is no bodybuilder or powerlifter training for 8 to 12 hours straight every day. So you can’t find anyone else who does this. You have to find what works best for you. And start experimenting. We can either look at it as a hindrance to recovery or look at it as a free workout. I prefer a free workout. Once I realized this it was a game changer hope this helps

I never wanted to take steroids. What I’m talking about is a natural supplement. And will my job increase or decrease any gains?

In my 9 years of experience of having a physical job myself in a construction trade, your job will INCREASE your gains if you do the following-
-Eat adequate amounts of nutritious food
-Sleep consistently
-Dial in your training to provide a stimulis for growth.
-Also stay hydrated

People with less physical jobs can slack off on a few of these points(minus the training). But if you screw up any of this, you are going to burn the fuck out and your work will NOT be beneficial anymore to your gains. In fact it could be DETRIMENTAL

Try the stuff I told you about in those points and like @Veteq said get your workouts and diet dialed in first before you start fucking with supplements and bull shit like that. If your Mr perfect and have all that shit in order than sure try and add supplements in and see what happens

Sometimes training intensely 2x a week is all you need when you already do shit at work all week. Everybody has 2 days a week to train and there are many effective routines to choose from

Like I said I have been experimenting with this for years now and have learned alot. I am glad to help if you have any questions or if you find any of this useful. And if not I hope you find your answer, good luck :slight_smile:

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Most supplements are pointless, if not garbage; a good diet with enough calories to build muscle will do more than supplements ever will.

If your job causes you to miss workouts and not workout with furious intensity, then yes it can negatively affect your gains. But, Franco Columbu (R.I.P.) was a brick layer near there height of his career. It can be done.

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