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Labor Day Q&A

Yes, several people (Pavel included) have noted that you can make pretty good progress by training the chin-up on a daily basis. The most important aspect of such a program is to avoid training to failure.

Personally, I’d rather see you train pull-up variations twice per week. On one day, I’d go with normal concentric-eccentric chin-ups, doing several sets while stopping short of failure. In other words, if you can do 4, I’d have you do 10x2 on this day with 45 seconds rest between sets. As time went on and you got stronger, I’d add reps per set and reduce the rest interval.

Your other day would be focused on pure eccentric overload…eccentrics only with added weight. You can’t have strength-endurance if you don’t have maximal strength.

Also, if you had extra body fat to lose, I’d address that issue in the process, obviously.

[quote]peck191 wrote:

I’m trying to increase the amount of chinups i can do. Currently, I can only do 4 from a dead hang, and I don’t like lat pulldowns. After I do as many real ones as possible, I usually just finish out the set with negatives. Is this a good approach, or is there something better?

Also, I read an article on another site (I think it was by Pavel) saying that chinups could be trained with more frequency, even daily. What do you think about this?[/quote]

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