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Labor and working out...

This summer (next week) i start my job as labor for my dad’s construction company,…

I need advice on how to fit my workouts in. I work from 7-4. Anything i should be doing different? Anything you knowledgeable people would adivse to do?
What would be the optimal time for me to lift?

I’m going to def. up my calories by 1000 or reconfigure JB’s massive eating equation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks people.

If you’re relatively young and not overfat, you should be able to eat like it was going out of style. I’ve worked similar jobs, and I would just get off work, grab a little something to eat, and then go to the gym. I don’t know how often you’ll be able to eat during the day, but if time is tight, then it’s time for some shakes.

yea, i was going to bring a cooler with a shitload of food. 3 or 4 shakes maybe, couple cans of tuna/salmon, lots of convient food that doesnt need to be cooked.

I was wondering what should i do? up my carbs, up my fats?

I think I remember that you are relatively young and you are trying to gain weight/skinny. In that case, I would eat as much as possible of just about anything if I was doing physical labor and trying to make size gains. I’d certainly make sure to get extra protein, but I’d also make sure I got a good bit of fat and carbohydrates as well.

My advice is to buy some Grow bars as well. I usually have one in the afternoon.

Do you guys bring protein to the job in a cooler and just shake it up? I have been fortunate to work about 5 minutes from my house and I just come home for some protein and fat or a classic grow shake. I work construction too and we are starting a new house tomorrow that will be a ways out and I’m trying to plan my lunches and snacks. I’d love some suggestions also.

I’m going to be in the same situation.

I’m going to train in the morning before work. I will train some after (renegade).

I havn’t decided how many cals i want to up and all that. I’ll porbably have 4 servings of oatmeal for carbs. I still want to stay lean.

Ok, I’ll cover to my best knowledge what hasn’t been dealt with yet: training.

I add a similar job: “janitor” for industrial and commercial jobs, 10-17 hrs shifts, all-around the clock shifts and so forth.

Keep your volume lower than usual if you’re going from sedentary to active schedule. Those 2 summers, I want working 40-60hrs per week so I trained 2-3 times per week, lower volume, higher intensity. I had real nice strength increases and all was going well…so learn from it.

As far as nutrition goes, mix a shake, place it in a thermos bottle, and drink it at your coffee break, it will be quite fresh, gives you lot of liquid and good stuff. Keep the tuna, more solid food for later.

Oh, have fun and I hope you’ll be able to amass a small fortune for your studies next september! :0)


I would just increase your calories too make up for the extra work. For me it’s about 250-500 more calories. I work at a seafood company and am always lifting heavy objects(ove 100# tuna). I think manual labor increases your work capacity and will allow you to do just as much in the gym or even more. It might also help you to recover faster. Just check out some of Chad Waterbury’s stuff. I know it’s a lot easier for me to stay lean while doing manual labor.